Nightmare in Kells

Went round to Joy’s tonight – her hubby, The Climber, is away, and she fancied a girls’ night in with pizza and silly chat. Was greeted at the door by the sound of Mini Joy (her 3-year-old) screaming blue murder from upstairs, Betsy (another of the dying species of Single Girls  From Church) hovering uncomfortably in the hallway, and Joy zooming around in that harrassed way that only parents of small children do, rinsing cloths and informing me of some kind of peeing-on-carpet incident which had seemingly just occurred in the bedroom. Single Girls cannot cope with this kind of situation. Hid in kitchen with Betsy until screaming stopped and nobody was talking about urine any more. Had a lovely evening once initial screaming horror was over.

Stayed too late, though. Have got to have an early night soon, you know.

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