Tonight the conversation amongst my friends turned to blogs and the fact that I now have one. As the discussion progressed, I realised that I will not be anonymous here for much longer, as one by one they will hunt me down and rat me out, and I started to panic about whether I’ve written anything that might offend, or named anyone who wouldn’t want to be named, or embarrassed myself in any way.

I have now been through my posts, meticulously addressing each of these issues. I’ve reduced a couple of names to initials, but figure the rest are all pretty desperate for online fame. Joke. (Tired person joke. Am laughing hysterically at nothing, these days. On the way home tonight Dirk asked who was speaking at church tomorrow night and when E1 said “We’re watching that video about potato farmers” I laughed so hard I almost drove into a set of temporary traffic lights. I need sleep.) I’m fairly certain I haven’t said anything to offend anyone. As for embarrassing myself, I’m not sure I know how to live without doing that, let alone how to avoid it in my blogging.

So yeah… if you’re in my life, and you don’t want to be mentioned, be prepared for a pseudonym not of your choosing. I figure there’s no point renaming most of the people closest to me, as it’s perfectly obvious who they are. One asked tonight -trying to sound like he didn’t care, but with barely masked hope and expectation in his wee voice – if he was mentioned in my blog. He is…

my boss…

leader of Hope in Ballymena (charity mentioned in earlier post)…

husband of one of my closest friends…

like a big brother to me…

someone I look up to, and not just because he’s taller than me.

However, he makes a career out of winding me up, so I don’t tell him those last (sappy) things. In reply to his question, I told him he only got a brief mention once as He Who Brings The Coffee. He was a bit miffed. This is an unusual reversal of our roles, so that’s what he’ll be called from here on in. He spells his name funny, anyway.


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