Camping Snapshot #2: Star-gazing

Late at night, we are gathered around the lightbulb (camping just doesn’t have the same rustic feel to it, these days), gazing up at the stars. The sky really does look quite spectacular, here at the foot of the Mournes – clear and vast, like a dark velvet canvas on which God has idly painted a shining, shimmering masterpiece of twinkly lights.

“When you see all those stars, what does it make you want to sing?” asks McBouncy, dreamily.

Monkey Man clears his throat. “Look at the stars,” he begins in his best Chris Martin voice, “see how they shine for you…”

We all nod appreciatively.

“Stars shining bright above you,” I add softly, “Night breezes seem to whisper I love you…”

“Starry, starry night…” another voice chimes in, sweetly.

It is truly an enchanted evening. We pause in silent contemplation. The stars twinkle and glimmer in a romantic, thought-provoking way.

McBoy breaks the silence. “Do you want to hear my song?” he asks hesitantly. We all nod in encouragement. He takes a deep breath.

“I feel like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight…”

He is an unusual boy. The moment is over.


4 thoughts on “Camping Snapshot #2: Star-gazing

  1. Lil Miss Rachel says:

    Ha ha! I love those moments where someone throwsa completely random comment into a conversation. This made me laugh!
    You could’ve also had “Reach for the stars” by the way

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