Sitting waiting for a meeting to begin last night, McBouncy looked at me with the smuggest smirk you ever saw in your whole life.

“What?” I asked suspiciously.

“It’ll ruin your day,” she said with barely masked pleasure.

What?” I repeated, becoming nervous and fearful.

She leaned across and stroked my hair, then said in an uncharacteristically quiet whisper “There are three grey hairs right here”.

WHAT?!” I exploded in utter fury, slapping her hand away from my head as she succumbed to a fit of mirth. She dodged my slaps and proceeded to rummage through my hair. “There’s one… there’s one… there’s one… ohhhh, here’s another one!”

McLovely leaned over her, intrigued. “Ach,” he snorted, inspecting my head, “sure there’s loads of them.”

I got up and stormed out (as best one can storm anywhere, when lame and limping), hearing McBouncy proclaiming my greyness to everyone in the room as I headed for the mirror in the Ladies’. Twisting and turning and muttering under my breath, I tried and failed to view the back of my head.

I am old. Old. And now my hair is letting everyone know about it. It’s normally clarried in so much hair gel that there could be green and pink hairs in there and you’d never notice. I’ve gone product-free this week due to reasons both financial (hair products very expensive) and personal (hair too long to spike up properly, haircut not happening until Monday night), and have been sporting a flat but rather chic sixties style instead.

Last time I do that.


5 thoughts on “Exposé

  1. McBouncy says:

    How wrong is it for me to be really pleased with your grey hair?
    You do realise that I have been colouring my hair for years to cover up grey? Or did you believe that I really am a natural blonde with an odd habit of painting in black roots?
    McLovely is so old that his chest hairs are now turning grey! He will love me for sharing that! I dare you to announce loudly in public that you notice a stray grey hair poking out from under his collar…

  2. McBouncy says:

    Love your blog, it’s the first place I go when I turn on the computer, but was wondering when McCooney and AB were thinking of writing a blog. Would it not be lovely to learn about life on the other side of the pond? McMum could also treat us to details of her life…

  3. I think everyone has become really confused about the McThing. It was only meant to be the McLovely family!! **despair** McCooney makes me laugh, though.
    Very amused about McLovely’s chest hairs. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d type.

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