Dingbats and Dipsticks

 Today, the Housemate and I had lunch with He Who Brings The Coffee and Kate (more lamb was beheld and consumed). After eating, I played Dingbats with Kate and TH, and it really was a laugh-till-you-cry experience. Kate shares my competitive streak, so our turns were quite intense and thoughtful. Enter TH. She received the following Dingbat to solve:


The answer was the south of France. TH wasn’t sure what it might be, and, having come close with “North of France?”, she was starting to lose interest. I decided to give her a hint. “Look at the positioning of the words,” I said helpfully. “Where is the in relation to France?” TH stared at the card. “Below it,” she said eventually, looking really bored. Kate and I nodded enthusiastically. “And where is the arrow pointing?” I continued, sounding incredibly patronising. TH studied the image with a frown. “North,” she concluded. Kate and I did some more frantic nodding. “So,” I prompted excitedly, “where is the?”

There was a long pause.

“Below France,” said TH slowly, looking at me as if I was an incredibly stupid person who just refused to listen to her.

“But what is the arrow pointing at?” reiterated Kate. “NORTH!” repeated TH loudly.

I started waving my hands wildly. “Yes… so what is BELOW FRANCE?” I asked impatiently. TH stared at us in complete frustration and annoyance. “I dunno, Sicily?!”

Oh, how we laughed.

I should also show you this one:


Clearly, the answer was Long John Silver. It seemed obvious, and yet TH sounded bizarrely confident when she said “John…. big John…. agriculture – oh! Big John On The Farm!!”

Despair gave way to hysteria, and He Who Brings the Coffee walked into the living room to find the three of us in tears of laughter around the abandoned Dingbats board. He immediately turned on his heel and left, closing the door behind him. “Dipsticks,” he muttered under his breath, as he is wont to do on these occasions.

I didn’t care. It gave me a good title for this post. 

8 thoughts on “Dingbats and Dipsticks

  1. mcdad says:

    ummm…i suppose an apology might be in order. we failed to send your housemate off with proper social training and she is a bit short in the common sense department….but she is loads of fun, huh? always good for a laugh!

  2. McCooney says:

    Be it known that AB just spewed her egg sandwich all over my dog whilst i read this hi-la-rious blog to her! Thanks for the mess and the hearty guffaw. Love and miss you all.

  3. I am so proud of the TH!!!!!!She is becoming her mom and that makes me smile!!!!But she must buy this game and bring it home with her…….Love you guys!!!!

  4. McJoey says:

    Do you see what I’ve done to my name?! I just want to fit in with all your other fans…
    I had a moment similar to AB with this post, but it involved a mouthful of Coke instead of an egg sandwich, and a computer screen instead of a dog.

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! There are other Dingbat misfits like me on Earth!

    And there I was thinking I am the sole soul who can keep staring at them thingies with not a single thought stirring in my head….

  6. TH says:

    haha this is hilarious!!! Hope you all got a really good laugh from this one! SO funny….. hahaha! Big John on the Farm! haha i cant breathe right now.

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