Is This What It’s Like For Normal People?

This morning, I woke up at 7am.

I did not oversleep, and the alarm did not fail to go off, nor did it scare me by playing an unexpectedly loud tune.

I showered and dressed. The cat did not trip me up, attack me or do anything vaguely entertaining.

I had breakfast. My porridge did not explode, and I did not choke on anything.

I had a cup of coffee and read Hebrews Chapter One. I had no blinding revelations, and I did not lose track of time in what would have been an amusing last-minute panic to get to work.

I drove to work. My car windscreen was not frozen over, the traffic was not a nightmare, and nobody cut me up causing me to lose my temper in a comical manner.

I arrived at work on time. I did not see a horse, have any misunderstandings or arguments with my boss, or overhear any surreal conversations.

So far, nothing has gone wrong, nobody has phoned to shout at me or sell me something, and everything is very calm.

It’s all very well, this lasting (and quite frankly, boring) serenity. But what’s a girl to blog about?

I’m bored.


5 thoughts on “Is This What It’s Like For Normal People?

  1. What to blog about when nothing interesting is happening?

    Make a list of something
    Do a silly ‘net quiz
    Find a meme
    Have a topic that is guaranteed to raise your blood pressure, and then go hunting for something related to it.

    At least, that’s what I do…

  2. Grannymar – probably the type of day I had! Except that it’s abnormal for me.
    Ed – thank you for your helpful suggestions. You may come to regret it when I end up publishing my shopping list.
    Billy – Not “go wrong”, necessarily… just “happen” would be nice.

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