Cheap Entertainment

Tonight was spent playing poker with TH and Smurf.

None of us can afford to go out right now, times are tough, money is tight, woe is us. Anyway, the three of us provided our own entertainment tonight, listening to music and playing poker. Totally free, and absolutely hilarious, as The Housemate was involved. TH and games are a fabulous combination for everyone except TH.

Having listened as best she could to the explanation Smurf gave her about bluffing, TH adopted it as her own, personal – and only – tactic. Even when she’d looked at her cards and said “Aww, crap!” in perfectly obvious “I have nothing but a 2 and a 6” kind of voice, she still proceeded to raise our bets 500 at a time. I took all her chips within about 6 hands the first time around, and when things started heading that way during the second game, she started to get annoyed. “Why are you beating me so easily?” she asked in frustration.

“You’re too easy to read,” said Smurf kindly.

“What do you mean?” asked TH in genuine confusion.

“Well,” explained Smurf, gently, “if you have a pair of aces, for example, you might want to try not to clap your hand over your mouth and start to laugh like a loon.”

“Really?” asked TH, intrigued.

“Too easy to read,” I agreed, straight-faced.

TH disappeared to the toilet in a huff, as Smurf and I looked at each other in despair. “It’ll be over soon,” said Smurf, sounding quite hopeful. TH appeared back downstairs, and we promptly fell apart. “Why,” I asked in utter bewilderment, “are you wearing that?”. She pranced haughtily back to her seat. “So you can’t read me…”


I still won. It just took a bit longer because I couldn’t do anything without laughing at how ridiculous she looked. Really – this is not normal behaviour.


10 thoughts on “Cheap Entertainment

  1. heburton says:

    no…. it took longer for her to win because i was good competition and even though it was only my second game of poker, i am really good, my skills reach far beyond what anyone expected…. and i gave her a run for her money. She beat me by a lucky hand…. just so yall know.

  2. heburton says:

    somthing else you all may want to know… our beloved hayley beat me by CHEATING. this information was revealed to me the following morning. So that means I WIN. cheater.

  3. heburton says:

    and another thing… it took us forever to finish the game because I was doing really well. and hayley was struggling. Then she resorted to the cheat method. just so ya know.

  4. Oh dear. I hear resentment. Accusations and insults! Maybe this is why we are warned against gambling?

    Better let TH win next time, I suppose… ;)

  5. McKByrd says:

    I believe I have seen that picture before. That is the sketching of a suspect wanted in a string of bank robberies through the Greater Derry area. It is not known much about her except that on two occasions “Can’t Touch This” was playing on Musac in the bank and she compulsively danced before taking all the money. If you have any leads text 254 Cracker Jacker

  6. McCooney says:

    Wow…TH that is quite a getup. You must wear that at Poker Night when you get home. And Hails you are a brave girl to attempt to teach TH poker, very brave. Wish i could have been there.

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