Rantless Rant

I’m starting to wish I hadn’t told everyone about my blog.

I’ve spent the past few days in a hazy daze, and every time I’ve sat down to blog, I’ve found myself censoring my thoughts until there’s actually nothing left worth blogging about. I write best  when I’m ranting, and yet how can I rant about anyone when the likelihood is that they’ll be reading it in a few hours from now? And, to put it another way, if there’s something on my mind that I need to rant about, how can I possibly concentrate on writing about anything else? Possible rant subject matter:

– friends (friends read blog)

– work (work colleagues read blog)

– church (church people read blog)

– inconsiderate drivers (cannot do this any more as am starting to be portrayed as psychopath with out-of-control road rage issues)

So what do I normally do in this situation? I go to my Inspire Me post, where I’ve been working my way down the list of readers’ suggested topics. The problem is that, as Dirk helpfully and gleefully reminded me this morning, the next suggestion requires me to reveal my true feelings for him. I am not ready for the world to know, and yet if I skip it and go to the next one, people will jump to the conclusion that I’m having a secret affair with the boy next door.

Never mind the fact that everyone I know is now sitting reading this and wondering if I’d be moaning about them, if only I had the freedom to do so. And if you have to wonder about it…


8 thoughts on “Rantless Rant

  1. Billy says:

    Rant about people who have names that aren’t actually names. For example, Saoirse means “Freedom” in Irish, and my real name means “Strength” in the same language. Sometimes I wish my parents had given me a name….

    Do it! :)

  2. Tildy – I couldn’t moan about grannymar, she is one of my most faithful commenters!!
    Strength – Imagine how Kat the Cat feels, and be grateful.
    Cyber – Oooohhhh, sly.

  3. Sheppitsgal says:

    I do not mind if you use my name instead of the person you wish to rant about, i.e. –

    “Sheppitsgal has been a right old cow bag today” (fairly true)

    “Sheppitsgal drove really badly today, and made me want to bip my horn at her” (have not driven for weeks)

    As long as, when you are feeling nice, you use me as well, i.e. –

    “Sheppitsgal is very pretty and thin and lovely and thin and she is really pretty as well and thin and, well, thin” (so very very true)


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