The house is freezing. The electricity meter is shrieking “Eeeeeee-oooooo-eeeeeee-oooooo!” in an impatient demand for money. The cat is mewing incessantly in an impatient demand for food. My tummy is rumbling for similar reasons. My eyes won’t stay open because I have not had any coffee for a week. (Well, five days. Could be a year.)

None of these issues are because of the fact that I have no money (for I have been budgeting, and as a result have very nearly enough to live on!!!! It’s awfully reassuring), but rather because I am

(a) forgetful, and did not set the heating to come on before I’d be arriving home

(b) lazy, and putting off going out into the black, wet dreariness to go to the shop for an electricity top-up

(c) cruel, and witholding food as a form of punishment for a Very Bad Cat

(d) indecisive, and reluctant to give in to the temptation to go to the Chinese while I’m at the shop getting the electricity top-up, but unwilling to start making dinner because I know that I will in fact give in to temptation if I put it off for long enough

(e) on a self-imposed coffee detox, having cut out everything else and yet still suffering from mad, volcanic skin. 

I could sit here all night, ignoring everything that’s going on around me. And why not? Sadly, though, I suspect that I may soon have to get off my backside and make things happen. Before I run out of electr


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