Wake me up before you go-go

Overslept spectacularly this morning.

Why is it that when I sleep in and wake with a jump, it is always to the sound of a man beating my door down? (See this post for evidence) Men almost never beat my door down when I am fully awake, dressed, out of bed, and can string a coherent sentence together. There was no need for the word ‘almost’ in the previous sentence.

Anyway, this morning I awoke with a startled feeling, clutching my phone in my hand. This gave me my first clue. Phone in hand = someone who has already heard the alarm and accidentally switched it off instead of pressing snooze. My second clue was the previously mentioned banging of the front door. It sounded like the house was falling down. An uneasy feeling crept over me as I remembered, faintly, agreeing to take Dirk and Jay to the gym this morning – a detour for which, incidentally, I need to leave earlier than usual, at around 8.30am. “Oh, crap,” I thought with my last ounce of calm. I looked at my phone.

8.40 it said. I leapt out of bed with a yelp. “U awake?” came a text from Dirk. I phoned next door as I searched frantically for something – anything – to wear. “Uggggh” answered Jay. Jay does not do mornings. “Agggggh” I replied, hopping around in an attempt to put my socks on. “I overslept… really sorry… very late… feel bad…” my voice trailed away as I fell over the cat and landed with a thud on the bed. “Uhhh..” replied Jay in a similar zombie-like manner, “Don’t feel bad. S’okay.”

The cat bit me for standing on its tail. I banged my head on the cupboard door as I attempted to find something remotely resembling lunch to take with me. As I sprinted to the car, I saw one solitary bike sitting at the open front door of the neighbours’ house, Jay clearly having gone back to bed and poor, dedicated, abandoned, forgotten-about Dirk making the lonely trip to the gym in the wind and the rain.

Guilt accompanied me as I travelled to work in my warm car, nursing my various bumps and cat bites, trying to adjust to suddenly being “awake”.

I think it might be time to start drinking coffee again.


5 thoughts on “Wake me up before you go-go

  1. MFG says:

    I slept in too, that is two mornings in a row. I am blaming a cold and sore shoulders but no-one believes me.

    The coffee did help, thankfully.

  2. Oh good grief I hate that. This happens pretty much every morning now. Darn clocks going back is what it is. Or probably staying up way too late shooting germans on the x-box.

    Always remember to tie your dressing gown cord before opening the door, or the results can be disastrous. I speak from experience.

  3. billybrid says:

    You need one of those machines that greet you with a cup of coffee in the morning.

    Mother is currently quite upset about my sleeping habits (whenever possible, as much as possible), and has begun waking me up at 6:30a.m!!! 8:40 a.m. sounds sooo nice. :)

  4. Sheppitsgal says:

    You need more than one alarm! Sheppit and I have six spread around the room!

    They all go off at intervals from 5:30am to 6:07am.

    One of my (pre)marriage vows was to get Sheppit up for work vaguely on time.

    As I am up at 6:07 and don’t leave the house until 8:15, I am rarely late!

  5. MFG and K8 – I am so glad you share my difficulty in getting up on time. Misery loves company.
    Billy – To literally wake up and smell the coffee would be fantastic. Perhaps I can train my current coffee machine to do this for me!!!! Am now very excited.
    Sheppitsgal – Loving the image of alarms going off all over the room, but… isn’t 6:07 an obscurely specific time to be getting up?

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