Clued In

Heard Zed and Kate giggling today at lunch time. Went in and discovered them looking at the crossword book that keeps us entertained when we can’t be bothered having a conversation during our tea break. They were greatly amused at one of the clues in a cryptic crossword.


Maybe it’s a sign. The detox officially ended with a cup of coffee after dinner last night, and I think the power of the addiction has left my system. Does this mean I can start drinking 10 cups a day again?


2 thoughts on “Clued In

  1. Mills.

    Hayley Mills… cutsie little-girl actress of days gone by. My namesake, actually – mum watched TV and film credits obsessively when she was pregnant, for name ideas. So that’s where my name came from. Just a little non-interesting but nonetheless true fact.

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