Growing Pains

There are moments in life when you realise you’re a grown-up.

For some, it’s when they settle into their first ‘real’ job.

For some, it’s when they move out of their parents’ house and start fending for themselves.

For some, it’s when they buy their first house.

It was none of those things for me. I don’t see myself as a grown-up, despite what it might say on my birth certificate. In my heart, I will always be a teenager. However, occasionally I do have those awful, shuddering moments of realisation that, like it or not, I am an Actual Adult now. Tonight’s was the worst.

Yes, for me, it was taking a detour to B&Q on the way home from work. To purchase a new toilet seat.

Only a grown-up would ever do such a thing. It only hit me when I got into the car and placed my new toilet seat on the floor beside me: I am a grown-up. Someone who leaves work, drives to B&Q, walks determinedly to the bathroom section, surveys the selection of toilet seats (whilst trying to remember what colour the bathroom is), picks one (the cheapest one), marches to the checkout, spends the last tenner in their purse (on a toilet seat), and leaves the store with a feeling of achievement and satisfaction, toilet seat under arm.

It’s very depressing. I kind of want to watch cartoons and eat a packet of Haribo now, just to restore the balance.


4 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. I really recommend it, then, if that’s what you truly want. However, I must warn you that it may also make you feel quite despairing when you realise this is what your life has become.

  2. mcdad says:

    but hails…how perfectly wonderful that you took the initiative to do home improvement..even if all you did was get a seat for the ^%#$er. is it cushioned? and what color? i am especially fond of those that are nicely covered with a piece of foam rubber to accomodate those times when you need solitude and find yourself needing to get away from the ‘housemate.’ the foam tends to slow the inevitable deadening of the feet that comes as a result of sitting too long in quiet contemplation. and the color is significant. you don’t want something droll…like white..but festive…red, blue, yellow..yes, i think color is important in such a hallowed place. be encouraged. and retreat, as often as possible, into that festive little room that is, at least for those brief moments, entirely YOURS. :)

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