I think I’m getting sick.

There are a few things leading me to this conclusion.  Firstly, I feel sick, which I reckon is a hefty clue. My throat hurts, my head’s pounding, and I’m doing that hot-cold-hot thing that messes with your mind.  Secondly, I am currently heating up some food in the microwave, and I am genuinely unenthusiastic about eating it. Not Normal. Thirdly, I went straight to bed after church this afternoon, and had the weirdest sequence of intense, overly-dramatic dreams, from which I kept waking in a sweat, with a jump, or in tears.

In one, it seemed that the sea was suddenly a nearby feature in the estate, and I went out to try and shake off my illness with a bit of fresh sea air. The waves were crashing madly, and I saw a lifeboat heading towards a little fishing boat that was in trouble. I stopped to watch, and Jay appeared by my side, saying very calmly and unremarkably “I wonder how they’re going to save that one”. I looked in the direction he was pointing, and saw a huge P&O ferry heading straight for a massive cliffside. It was trying to turn, but was too late, and the sea was just dragging it on to the rocks. I was filled with absolute horror, and yelled “Noooooooooo!” as it suddenly slammed straight into the cliff. I woke up in a panic, and actually got out of bed to run back down to the shore and help with the rescue operation.

Another dream featured McBoy, who was going off to fight in the war that we were suddenly in the middle of. He’d been called up, and his mother was distraught, given that he’s only a teenager. Anyway, she was being comforted by some family members as the troops all started marching off into the sunset (or into tanks and planes and things), and McBoy grabbed my arm as he marched past, and pressed a little badge or something into my hand. I somehow knew I was meant to give it to his mum if anything happened to him, and that it would hold great significance for her. I started to sob, standing in the middle of this big crowd, and woke up crying my eyes out. It took me at least ten minutes to stop crying and realise that, when I thought about it, I wasn’t even entirely sure what had actually been going on in the dream.

I’m going to eat/throw away this food now. Even this post makes little to no sense, but I’m posting it anyway to give you a little insight into my current situation. Head woozy. Feel extremely paranoid that there is burglar or crazed madman hiding in bathroom, but suspect is just Kat the Cat.

Why is the kitchen spinning?


5 thoughts on “Delirious

  1. Dr Grannymar says take plenty of hot drinks some Paracetamol and get into bed! Otherwise you will get worse and give it to everyone else.

    I hope you will feel better soon.

  2. Billy says:

    Had you just been listening to “Billy, Don’t Be a Hero”? You know…the whole theme of going off to war, and stuff.

    Is it really bad that I feel sorrier for McBouncy than for you? :)

    Ha ha. Just kidding. Feel better soon!

  3. McBouncy says:

    I have been suffering from “Man Flu” since Thursday. I know that it is “Man Flu” due to the severity of it. I have ceased all food related activities, which can only be a good thing and seem to be surviving on beechams cold and flu remedies. Drugs are good!
    I now appear to have more things to worry about than just my own health. It would appear that my son and heir is going to war! Lets hope, no, lets pray that it is symbolic of the heavenly battle that is waging for him! We all know who wins that war…

  4. Grannymar – thank you for your Virtual Nurse qualities!
    Billy – no, but the sermon at church was about battles, and McBoy was sitting in front of me. I realise this now, in the cold light of day.
    Ally – I did!! All day!!!
    McBouncy – I had those same thoughts later on, after I’d written this post! :)

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