The Time Has Come

I think I might put up the Christmas decorations this weekend.

It’s fine – I’ve held out till December. Which, I might add, is more than can be said for the people across the way from me, whose house has boasted a display not unlike the Blackpool Illuminations since the end of October. This is the same house that was raided by the police a few months ago. The police emerged, triumphant, with several hundred pounds’ worth of… fireworks. Bravo. Always good to know that they’re dealing with the underlying problem of firework abuse in our estate; everyone knows that’s the really big issue.

But I digress. It’s Christmas soon! I am no longer going to be a killjoy who says “But it’s too early” and moans about money and consumerism and materialism and whatever other isms are lurking underneath the surface waiting to suck the joy out of the festive season. I’m only complaining in order to fit in. Let it be known: Hails loves Christmas. Not just ‘Christmas’, but all the things we associate with it. I love Christmastime.

I love twinkly lights, I love carols, I love nativity scenes, I love tinsel, I love Santa hats, I love cold weather and woolly hats and scarves, I love festive Coke ads, I love Christmas trees, I love Bailey’s on ice, I love glitter and snowflakes and sparkly stuff, I love carol services, I love cards, I love The Snowman, I love Quality Street, I love Christmas special episodes, I love crackers and their silly hats and bad jokes, I love the smell of glazed ham, I love Christmas parties, I love snow-in-a-can, I love warm fires and cosy nights in.

Christmas. Love it. The whole shebang. And it starts on Saturday in my house. Hooray!


9 thoughts on “The Time Has Come

  1. MoNkEyMaN says:

    Just right too Hails! Rather than complaining about how early decorations are going up or how commercial christmas is becomming, I am fully embracing it this year. My christmas tree is up (well it is in a pot in the back yard where it has been since just after last christmas) and for weeks I have been singing carols, much to the annoyace of the monkeymrs. Right now- I’m off to dig out my collection of Cliff Richard christmas CDs!

  2. Billy says:

    Dear help us all. As a part-time resident of the Monkeyperson (!?!?!) household, I heartily object to the last comment.

    I share your love of nearly all the above things – except for the repeated “and”! I assume that was supposed to portray the stammer of an excited child, though.

    Christmas is here – REJOICE! I found the coolest new carol today, too…

  3. Monkeyman – Maybe we can form some sort of club!!!!!!!!!
    Billy -Oh. I wrote a really sarcastic comment to you and then realised the misake to which you were referring. Oops! All fixed. It’s tough being in the spotlight.

  4. McBouncy says:

    McLovely was in the garden shed on sunday. He found the christmas decorations.
    They are now lying, no! They are now strewn across my hall floor. It takes great effort to open the hotpress, causing me to keep a few towels which I found in the tumble dryer in a safe place, solely for my use. Is this selfish? Or is it just laziness? All it would take is a few hours to put up the decorations, but I dont want to! It’s not that I’m against having decorations up in November, it’s more a case of “I DONT WANT TO!” I think the twats up the road from me, in what I now refer to as “The Christmas tree house” have robbed me of the Christmas spirit. Every year in September they start putting up decorations. Then when Ballymena turn on their christmas lights so do they. It seems to be a beacon to every half wit in the country. They congregate on the road outside this house. Cars just stop in the middle of the road to Oh and Ah, never giving any thought that it is a country road, and cars travelling from the town are unaware of their presence in the middle of the road until they have come round a corner and narrowly missed crashing into them! Do I sound bitter?
    I just needed a little rant. I feel better now.
    Tonight I have to go out, but tomorrow night I shall put on a Christmas album (Anything but Cliff Richard. Rhonda has a Jive Bunny Christmas Album which would be better!), heat up some mulled wine,(M&S do a lovely one), light the fire, some candles and put my feet up on the sofa and watch McLovely Christmasfy our house.

  5. I may come and join you! Alternatively, I may have to clean the house up a bit before I consider adding to the clutter with decorations.
    And re: the Christmas House, I feel the same way. I nearly wrecked the 106 there last year thanks to a car in the middle of the road, the occupants of which had never seen lights before.

  6. Sheppitsgal says:

    Yey! The earlier the better as far as I’m concerned.

    Once the decs are up and the cards are around, I have an excuse not to dust!!!

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