Things I really must sort out soon

1 – The 20+ boxes that came from Red’s attic when we cleared out the house several weeks ago. These boxes have since sat haphazardly around the conservatory and in one of the spare rooms, smelling fusty and causing me ankle-and-toe-related injuries. Kat also enjoys rummaging through them, and as a result I’m finding strange and unpredictable objects randomly dispersed throughout the house.

2. On a similar theme, the two suitcases full of clothes I retrieved from our old house. This area of ‘sorting out’ is a mammoth task involving not only sorting but also the taking to charity shops of unsuitable clothes, and the washing, drying, ironing and putting away of wearable ones. I really cannot be bothered, to be quite frank.

3. Rio the Clio. My visit to Ballymena Police Station on Saturday was largely unfruitful and – some might suggest – a complete waste of time. My visit to the CCTV records place was even more so, largely due to the fact that it’s closed on Saturdays. I can get no further with the insurance company until I know whether or not I can prove that it wasn’t my fault, for which reason I need the CCTV people, and the garage man is too busy to give me a quote unless I leave the car with him, which I can’t because I sort of need it. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be worrying about all this hassle. I’d just scrap it and be done.

4. The housework. My house is a disgrace. But I have been sick, and very busy. It’s not like I’ve been sitting on my backside eating crisps and watching DVDs. Well, apart from Monday night, but that was a necessary part of the recovery process.

5. The outside gates. All three of them. There’s the front gate, which Jay kicked open in his first week here and watched in dismay as it promptly fell off its hinges. Red kindly ‘fixed’ it for me, and as a result I found a lot of force was required to open it. Now the cold, wet weather has swollen it so much that it won’t actually open at all, so if someone mistakenly shuts it, you’re trapped forever. Then there’s the side gate separating the back yard from the front garden. Some children swung on it and pulled it off. It is just lying there, sadly redundant and as pointless as the Ballymena Police Station. As for the back gate, it’s hanging by one hinge and is going to kill someone if it happens to fall off as they’re walking past it.

5. A job. I really, really need to get this whole career thing organised, or I’m still going to be doing this job by the time I’m 30. And let’s face it, I’m running out of time as far as that goes.

6. Christmas. Decorations this weekend. Presents, I’m afraid, will be cheap and cheerful. Maybe I can just give Christmas kisses?

So much to do, so little motivation to actually accomplish any of it.


3 thoughts on “Things I really must sort out soon

  1. MFG says:

    Data protection act. £10 cheque gets you any CCTV footage of you as long as you provide them a photo so they can ID you and times you were at location.

    When I win the lottery I will do this many times to the people who run the Ballymena cameras, oh yes.

    Career suggest wildly flailing downhill, you sure you want to do that?

    I am glad I am not the only thinking I have so much to do and so little time.

  2. erin says:

    I can sympathize… Roof needs repaired from where damamged in storms a month ago- and now that it actually rains here- a roof would be a good thing. If I could only get someone to return a call and actually give me an amount of money that they want to fix it!
    Missing you from across the pond- and I’m quite happy for a long distance hug for christmas!

  3. MFG – Am tempted by the wildly flailing downhill option, on the off-chance that I might eventually take flight and lift off!
    Erin – Hi, stranger! Hope you get the roof fixed, I agree that it is quite a useful thing to have. I can’t imagine it raining there, though – my lasting memories are of heatstroke and raging thirst!

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