Game On

It is freezing, and I am trying to drive to the gym without touching the icy cold steering wheel. Dirk, beside me in the passenger seat, is complaining bitterly about the temperature. Jay is half-asleep in the back seat. We are not really morning people, but we are trying.

“I stupidly stayed awake really late last night,” admits Dirk. “I was talking on the internet to friends back home.”

“Well… I guess that’s understandable,” I reply. He agrees. “Yeah, but I went upstairs at about 3.30am and found Jay still up, too.” He sounds scornful, and a little hypocritical. “It’s OK for you to stay up half the night, but it’s not OK for Jay?” I ask pointedly.

Dirk snorts. “At least I was doing something purposeful. Jay was sitting up, on the internet, on YouTube… watching videos of… people playing video games.”

This is the saddest thing I have ever heard. I used to consider myself geeky for getting addicted to computer games and sitting up half the night on the gaming monitor playing them. But watching videos of other people playing them? I stare disbelievingly at Jay in the rear view mirror.

“It was, like, people completing the games in the fastest time ever… like setting records…” he explains somewhat lamely. Dirk and I laugh disparagingly at him. “No, but listen.” He sticks his head between us, looking more animated. “I think… I think I can beat one of them.”

You have to have something to live for, I suppose.


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