I want one like that, please

I have developed a major crush on Robert Downey Junior. The odd thing about this is that when I googled his name to find a nice photo to put on my blog purely for your information, dear readers, I could barely find one that I liked. Add to this the fact that I’ve never actually seen one of his movies, and also the general consensus that he’s “a bit of a fool eejit,” as Kate informed me when I dreamily mentioned his name, and he might seem a strange choice of crush.

The thing is, I’ve been watching a few of my old Ally McBeal DVDs, in which he appeared as Larry Paul throughout season four. I honestly think that Larry – not Robert – is my ideal man. This is unfortunate, as he is not real. I, on the other hand, am real. You can see the logistic problems here.

Larry is tall, dark and handsome (much like Robert Downey Junior, in fact), wears sexy I Am Intelligent As Well As Gorgeous glasses, is honest, lovable and clever, and – above all – makes me laugh. One of my favourite scenes is where Ally goes off into one of her daydreams in the middle of a conversation, and when she hears him saying “Ally? Ally?” and comes back to reality, he says “Hi!” and just continues with what he was saying, as if nothing happened. This amuses me no end. I have a weird sense of humour.

Anyway, Larry is my perfect man. Such a shame that he doesn’t exist. Here’s a gratuitous picture, because K8 always appreciates those when I post them.



8 thoughts on “I want one like that, please

  1. Sheppitsgal says:

    OK – get yourself over to Youtube and find Elton John “I want Love”. (would link, but don’t know how) – addy is as follows –

    He smoulders!!!!

    Have fun!

    PS – not to spoil Ally Mac for you, but didn’t he turn out to be not so perfect?

  2. Love it! I’m glad someone understands…
    PS – yes… so he ran off and left her a note… but it was only because RDJ was in trouble over the whole drug addiction fiasco and they fired him from the show. They had to write him out, but it was out of character, so it doesn’t count. Hence: perfect. ;)

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