Today In Numbers

Number of work-related Christmas Rush crises: 3

Number of crap drivers muttered at: 6

Number of twinkly lights purchased for work Christmas displays: 900

Number of Hall’s Soothers consumed: 10

Number of nuisance sales calls rejected: 7

Number of potatoes eaten as a result of recently discovered “eat as much as you want” diet from Slimming World: 8

Number of Christmas tunes heard: 0

Number of litres of oil put in tank: 600

Number of pounds removed from bank account: 258

Number of times started writing informed, intelligent and humorous response to mocking anti-Christian blog post but decided against it: 3

Number of YouTube videos of Robert Downey Junior viewed: 5

Number of cats discovered in house after brief journey outside to take rubbish to bin: 2

Number of cats immediately removed from house: 1

Number of lovestruck cats currently sulking at back door: 2 (on opposite sides)

Number of episodes of Ally Mcbeal watched: 3


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