Ice, Ice, Baby

It was freezing this morning.

By ‘freezing’ I mean ‘frozen’ and by ‘it’ I mean ‘my car windscreen’.

Of course, being the responsible, organised and sensible adult that I am, I simply had to take my defroster spray from the plentiful supply in my glove compartment, spritz all the glass, switch on the heating, and sit calmly for a moment as the problem took care of itself, having naturally left the house a good five minutes early in the knowledge that I would have to perform this task.

Believe any of that and you clearly don’t know me at all.

 And so it came to pass that at the time I was supposed to be entering the radio studio, I was scraping a layer of frost off the outside of the windscreen, and frantically polishing the inside with the furry collar of a coat I found in the back seat. With ice beneath my fingernails and a grim expression on my face, I drove like a maniac somewhat hastily into town.

Every year. This is a case study of One Who Never Learns.


4 thoughts on “Ice, Ice, Baby

  1. Grannymar – yeah, and it then has the audacity to half blind me later on the same day, after being too lazy to get up on time to defrost the car…
    Adele – hi, and welcome! I agree, but it would all be so much simpler if I would just remember to buy de-icer, and also look outside in the morning, see the frost, and leave a bit early. Forward thinking and common sense – it’s just not me, I’m afraid!

  2. McBouncy says:

    On the same morning, I also, running late for the radio station, got into my car, turned it on and realised the windscreen was frozen. As I did not have time to wait for the heater to defrost the window, I left the car running in order to heat it up, jumped out, lifted a watering can which was lying near-by and in what I thought was a very clever move, filled it with warm water.
    I realised my mistake as soon as the water hit the window. My car has automatic wipers. As soon as they detect water they start. This is great when you are in the car, not so great when you are in the recieving end of the excess water coming off the wipers at full speed.
    Wet was the word to describe me!!!

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