I’m sure there are important things I could be doing…

There are some things in life that you will only ever find by doing a Google Images search for “automatic doors”.

I realise that not many people in the world will have performed such an operation; in fact, I often worry about the things I search for on Google. I recently discovered that, on clicking the search box, I am presented with a rather disturbing list of everything I have ever Google searched. To my amusement (and a small degree of concern), I have found that my list includes a range of search terms too bizarre to ever make up, such as: English to Greek dictionary, cats in buckets, the main fraggle, invisible children, sleeping frog, and sandy aspirin exfoliator.

But I digress. Sometimes, your weird and unnecessary journey through the Google results pages can take you on an unexpected but ultimately enjoyable detour. So, when I searched Images for an automatic door picture with which to illustrate a recent post, I found myself on this gem of a site. I spent a stupid amount of time trawling through the cartoons (some of which, admittedly, went over my head as sadly I am just a geek and not a science geek) and giggling to myself. Then I realised it was 2am (hence my geek declaration) and consequently spent the next day in a state of extreme tiredness. According to the site’s ‘about’ page, he’s “just this guy”, so I can’t really tell you much more than that. I can, however, tell you that he is very, very amusing, and also that he says it’s OK to copy and use his cartoons. Yay. So here are a couple of my favourites so far. I’m afraid you’ll have to click on them to view them because I haven’t the patience to work out how to make them fit on here in a readable way (I’m not a tech-savvy geek, either).

bored_with_the_internet.jpg                     effect_an_effect.png

dating_pools.png                insomnia.png

The last one’s my personal favourite. It struck a chord with me…


2 thoughts on “I’m sure there are important things I could be doing…

  1. K8 says:

    That site is too good for words! Thankslinks :)


    Umm… I tagged you. I had to do it. They were threatening my puppydog slippers with a pair of scissors.

  2. Isn’t it great?! I’ve had a lot of people say they’ve gone on to it and sat browsing through the cartoons for ages. These are the people who read faithfully but never leave a comment… you know who you are!

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