Oh where… is my chopping board?

 Young McGinger and her friends are big fans of a show called Veggie Tales, which seems to involve some kind of talking cucumber named Larry, who sings a lot of silly songs. One of those silly songs is entitled The Hairbrush Song. I have to confess – I like it. It is supremely awful, but it makes me giggle for some reason.

Unfortunately, and as I should probably have warned you before you watched that video, once you’ve heard it once it is impossible to remove it from your brain. It burrows in there like a determined tick, and starts worming its way into the centre of your very being. You’ll hum it all day. Then it’ll go to sleep for a little while, only to resurface all of a sudden when you’re looking for your keys or something.

And so it is that, quite often, I find myself running frantically around the house, searching madly and singing “Oh wherrrrrrre… are my car keys? Oh wherrrrrrrrrrrrrrre… are my car keys?” – which then of course means that once again I’m singing the stupid thing all day long.

It happened this morning, and now I swear I want to chop that cucumber’s head right off.


7 thoughts on “Oh where… is my chopping board?

  1. Re-Becky says:

    am shocked and horrified at ally’s comment *cries*

    Veggie tales are awesome :)

    definitely more for an olderish people – most of the stuf goes waaaay over wee kids heads and all they remember is the silly song in the end.

    “cos your his cheeseburger.. his yummy cheeseburger”.

    hope u have ur waterbuffalo hails :)

  2. mcbouncy says:

    I’m with Becky. Veggi tales Rock!
    Ally hang your head in shame.
    McGinger had Oh Santa as her ring tone over the festive season and I just loved to hear her sing “and I’ve come to rob your bank and steal your knickers”. It was indeed nickles they had come to steal…

  3. Ally – oh wherrrrrre…. is your inner child?
    Tony – HA HA HA HA! I watched it and I love it. Love it!! Boo hoo moo moo boo hoo moo moo – these are just classic lyics. I am so grateful!
    Re-Becky – ah, the Cheeseburger Song. I didn’t go for that one just as whole-heartedly as the Hairbrush Song, but it is up there. But not above Boo Hoo Moo Moo, which, seriously, you must watch. Follow the link Tony left. Go now!
    McBouncy – oh dear. I think your child has a really weird enjoyment of singing about underwear – let us not forget the Ladies’ Bras scenario. I still remember my utter confusion when the two of you serenaded me with that…
    Natalie – bravo! Enter into the spirit of the thing. And also, boo hoo, moo moo! He he.

    Oooooookay. Must write a serious post soon. Ohhhh – about the sad Cebu!! Boo hoo moo moo…

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