Great Day – Of Middle-Aged Gentlemen


This is the new CD from my band, Great Day. Doesn’t it look like the must-have album of the decade?

Well, no. But that’s because I’m not trained in the art of CD cover production, and also because I don’t have a band. I was tagged by K8 the Gr8 and have dutifully done what was required of me in this latest meme. It was quite good fun, actually, because I couldn’t sleep last night and it gave me something vaguely productive to do instead of lying there counting patterns on the wallpaper. I hereby pass it on to… Grannymar. Have fun!

Here’s how it works.

This random article title is the name of your band.

The last four words of the very last quote is the name of your album.

The third picture on this page is your cover.

 Knock our socks off, Grannymar!


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