Words of Wisdom

I am embarrassed to admit that I am a 26-year-old Bebo user. That sounds like some sort of drug problem. If it helps at all, I haven’t used it for months, after the initial addiction wore off (and I realised more people were on Facebook anyway), but The Sister has just discovered it for the first time and now I can’t get near the computer. Anyway, in a rare moment of surf-time tonight, I wandered on to Bebo to look at her page check she wasn’t saying bad things about living with me, and found myself browsing through the ‘blog’ section of my own page. I’d forgotten it was there! My first taste of blogging… *wipes away a nostalgic tear* Anyway, found this little list, which made me giggle. Have changed all the names accordingly and removed a couple of quotations that wouldn’t make any sense to anyone who didn’t know me personally, but essentially this is a ‘cheat’ post as I really only had to churn out this little intro, then copy and paste. Still – I did write it at one stage…

Some fantastic quotations from reputable (ish) people…

Billy: (screaming) “Look, stop talking to me and keep trying to breathe!”Daughter BonBon: Well, I once made a play park for flies. They didn’t like it, though… they kept flying away…

Jo: “Awful just isn’t a strong enough word to describe my life sometimes. I mean, think about it. Awful’s a really s*** word for crap!”

Annie: (Very excited on seeing someone doing a Happy Dance inspired by rice pudding) “Oh my goodness! I have a little happy-eating-food dance that I do when I’m happy eating food, too!”

He Who Brings The Coffee: (makes praying gesture with hands) “Hails, you see me doing this at any stage, you know what to do.”

Dad: (pointing at my Bible, the cover of which says “LOVE” in big bright letters) “Hey – it’s all you need!” (pauses) “That’s quite profound…”

Zed: “I had to do a load of washing this morning. We had a boker and a pee-er last night. (long sigh) The kids weren’t great, either.”

Monkeymrs: “I had to teach my class about 4 types of dairy cows today… I actually learned a lot!”

Kate: “I’m feeling a little intrepidatious about it. Which, I now realise from the expression on your face, is not a real word. So, to sum up, I’m slightly nervous about it but wish I hadn’t said anything.”

McLovely: (when asked why they were running late) “Oh, panic stations about Moses.”

K-Byrd: (singing very passionately about constipation) “Fibre, you move me. Your power runs through me. Fibre, you make me free… free to be me! Hallelujah…”

McGinger (aged 10): (voicing an alternative to teenagers drinking alcohol) “Can’t you just have some Red Bull? There’s caffeine in it. Caffeine‘s a drug!”

3 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom

  1. Typo!!! I would NEVER point out anyone else’s mistakes… although, incidentally, you should generally start sentences with Capital Letters, and put a space after a full stop. Tut tut!

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