Dreamin’ A Little Dream

I’ve been nominated!!!!!

I am very excited (you can always tell this by my inclusion of unnecessary exclamation marks). The nominations for the 2008 Irish Blog Awards have been announced and I’m in the running for Best Newcomer! I have no expectations of being on the final shortlist, but I admit to having had several pleasant daydreams throughout today. Obviously these have all involved switching on the computer, looking up the shortlist, and finding my blog there. I think I would cry!!!!

However, to put this dream into perspective, I must also point out that I had other daydreams over the past week or two about a rather cute (scruffily handsome) guy who actually seemed to take an interest in me. Unfortunately, he turned out to be a bit strange, and, to be perfectly honest, downright rude. So. Another one bites the dust. The moral of this story is that while it’s fun to dream about finding romance and being shortlisted for blog awards, real life more often than not involves staying on the longlist and waiting for Mr. Right. [That’s actually pretty good! Somebody make a note of that and remember I said it.]

This is why God made chocolate. And Brad Pitt. I am going to spend time appreciating both of these creations tonight, with the help of a box of Milk Tray and a DVD of Meet Joe Black. Thank you so much for voting for me, whoever took time to do so! I am honoured, delighted and flattered.

It’s like the Oscars!


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