The Shortlist

 Genuinely, utterly, completely ecstatic. I’m over the moon (look closely at the sky tonight and I swear you will see me there). Thank you so much. (PS – big congrats also to lovely K8! Shall we get in the ring now or does this have to be dignified?)

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24 thoughts on “The Shortlist

  1. Billy says:

    I can almost see it now…just like the final episode of “The Vicar of Dibley”, where Geraldine floats off into the sky because she is just so happy.

    You rock, dudette.

  2. That’s so funny – when the list came out I was scanning through it and saw K8’s name first – “Excellent” I thought, “She really deserves to be shortlisted for that!”.

    I scanned on and found your name and my first thought was “There’s going to be some fight here between those two…”

    Hope you make it to the Blog Awards, I’ll be escorting Grannymar that night as she swings her handbag at the heads of the other nominees in her categories!

  3. Grannymar – We’ll do a wee duet then!
    Billy – that’s exactly how I feel… floaty!
    Elly – ha ha! We’ll be throwing drinks round each other by the end of the night, I promise. ;) I do plan on attending but am very nervous about it – need to bribe a friend to come with me. Dirk and Sister have both been cornered already so I’m hopeful!
    K8 – Only if it can be a proper girly hissy scratchy hair-pulling brawl. I’ve never been in one of those. So you’d win, but at least I’d get to look cool for a microsecond!

  4. Joey says:

    Yay congratulations Hails!
    I’ve been reading from the start, and I gotta say you’re one incredibly talented writer. You deserve some recognition. If it were up to me you’d win hands down! Even if you don’t, being shortlisted out of so many blogs is a fantastic acheivement. Well done you – and keep on blogging!

  5. K8 says:

    Ah no, I’m only messin’ sure. It’s all good really, I was seriously delighted when I read your name on the list! Now I can have a soul-sister to be increadibly nervous with :)

  6. mcbouncy says:

    I would have loved to escort you, but, alas, I have other plans. :-(
    I could have insisted on a mention in the acceptance speach for all the blog ideas…
    There is another thought. How good does the acceptance speach need to be when it is being delievered in a room full of writers?But as you are one of them it will be fabulous.
    I so wanted to get to meet all those other bloggers whose lives I stalk…
    Maybe its best I dont go. A night in a Dublin jail may not be much fun.

  7. Sam says:

    Long time reader, first time commenter. Just coming out from lurker-land to say congratulations and good luck on the night! You are my favourite blogger, and often reduce me to tears of laughter. Pleased for you!

  8. Sheppitsgal says:

    Er – what Sam said ( not the 1st time commenter bit, obv).

    I think you are the only one on the list I have read, but am off to go through the list now.

    Lunchbreaks may have to be extended.

    Jolly good luck!

  9. ruth greer says:

    hi wrote out a whole big comment and then clicked the wrong button and lost it, silly me however you inspire others to believe despite what happens in your day to day you never give up living for your dream so remember me when your book launch comes out lol unless you believe you will not win chick. With your pic on the web guess what you might still find that love lol. give you some homework chick-look at my writting superb feel free to fix the punctuation and grammer cant you tell i brillint talker rubbish writer lol ur a great women who is going find out amazing things oh happy days .catch you later whatever the cost relentless women you no what i mean keep up the good work

  10. Linda Rodgers says:

    Hi Haley!!! Hope I spelt ur name right!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
    Wow, u made the shortlist!!! I’m so happy 4 you!! I knew u could do it!!! I hope u win!!!! Next time I see u I’ll buy u a coffee 2 celebrate lol!!! Hopefully see you soon!!!
    Once again congrats!!!!! xxx

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