I’m so dizzy, my head is spinning…

The health and safety people were probably not amused by the state of our storage room when they came to inspect the premises last week. Large piles of boxes (clambering necessary),  several zillion potential hazards, all exits obstructed. Following another last-minute panic yesterday regarding the whereabouts of a needed item, I rolled up my sleeves and marched in to tackle the disaster zone with grim determination.

I clattered, banged, stumbled and crashed my way through the offending area, tidying and organising with great gusto. The fact that a large, heavy curtain pole was resting on a shelf above my head did not register with me. Until, that is, I was manouvering some other rails and – apparently – caught them on the end of the afore-mentioned pole. I was blissfully unaware of its presence until the very moment it cracked me on the back of the head on its way to the ground.

Clunk! went the pole. Crack! went my head. Clatter! went the whole merry ensemble of rails and poles as they descended together to the floor. Thump! went I, as I unintentionally joined them. Agh! I squealed, understandably alarmed.

I lay there, ensnared by heavy pieces of window furniture. After everyone had finished running to see if I was OK and help me up (sense the tone), I dazedly picked myself up off the floor and stumbled to the nearest mirror, where I stood inspecting my skull for fissures. “Are you OK?” came Zed’s voice, from where she had remained sitting throughout the whole traumatic incident. “I’m fine!” I called back in a brave, wavering voice. “Curtain pole fell on my head. Nothing major.”

After spending the rest of yesterday in a state of dizziness, I was quite incapable of getting out of bed this morning. Migraine, concussion… whatever you want to call it, put plain and simply, my head is very sore. It was noon by the time I managed to drag myself into work. Sympathy? Zero.

Stupid health and safety people. If they’d just mind their own business and stop trying to get people to be safer, things like this would never happen.


4 thoughts on “I’m so dizzy, my head is spinning…

  1. Ah! You poor little angel. Hurry up and get well before the Big night in Dublin! Are you organising a bus for all the nominees from the wee north? There will be no red carpet, but the craic will be massive!

  2. Head is much better now thanks! Can’t wait till the Big Night… trying to get someone to go with me, organise somewhere to stay etc. Not sure where the money’s coming from, but here’s hoping!

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