Think Fluffy Pink Thoughts

I could hardly get out the front door this morning because of all the Valentine’s cards, cheesy gifts, single red roses and tacky teddy bears piled up on the mat. I wish people would stop sending me such foolish, heartfelt, unrestrained expressions of their love and affection. It just becomes overwhelming, to be honest.


A Valentine’s Day Poem For My Blog Readers

Although I’ve never met you
Nor heard your soothing voice,
Your presence on my humble blog
Doth fairly make me rejoice.
I may never know your real name
Or the place where you reside,
But when I see ‘New Comment’
I feel all warm and fuzzy inside!
So, to you, dear reader,
Happy Valentine’s Day!
My love for you is like a terrorist group
It never goes away.

Aye. Have a good one, and don’t choke on your Lovehearts or anything…


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