It baffles me that the nose is somehow able to achieve a temperature of at least 10 degrees lower than any other body part.

I have always suffered from Cold Nose Syndrome. When I’m outside in the winter, I’m not generally a shivery sort of person. I remain fairly toasty in my coat, my cheeks are flushed, my feet are warm… but my nose is practically frostbitten.

The problem is made worse by the fact that I am a glasses-wearer. Scarf manufacturers clearly did not foresee the difficulties faced by the glasses-wearers of this world; it is a physical impossibility to pull a scarf over your cold nose without your breath coming back at you and steaming up your lenses.

In light of recent heating-related events, I am struggling womanfully with my Cold Nose Syndrome. Lying in bed last night with a duvet, a dressing gown, a blanket, a large Eeyore and a cat, I realised that a cold bedroom was really not a big problem as long as I had all the necessary layers/furry animals. Apart from the nose issue, that is.

The only way around it is to put your head under the covers. Then, you might well suffocate and die, but at least your nose is warm. And so it was that I spent most of last night either gasping for breath with my face covered by a blanket, or breathing normally with a painfully cold nose.

C’est la vie.


One thought on “CNS

  1. 24th. Feb. 2008

    Hi CNS Sufferer !

    Nice and GLAD to have made your acquaintance via this Web page !

    The stuff you describe about your cold nose really “comforted” me.
    Now, please don’t get me wrong… it was just because I thought to myself,
    ” Hey what do you know, there’s another person out there, in this sometimes very void world, who also is suffering from the very same thing you have been, for the last 30 odd years !”

    And what have you done to alleviate your symptoms and pain ?
    You just don’t seem to want to share this with the the rest of us out here, who desperately are in need of some HELP !
    Or am I getting you wrong ?!
    Ok, if you do want to communicate with me secretly, then just send me a message by e-mail and I’ll get back to you ASAP. My e-mail address is robby at robbyviv dot com
    As a matter of fact my husband wrote this for me, just because I don’t fancy using Computers. He suffers with me, because of my CNS – as I tend to call it too – and after having seen SEVERAL renowned Physicians, Surgeons and other trivial medicine men, NOT ONE was able to help me !!
    The last guy, a Professor for ENT treatment at a very famous Clinic where I live in Germany, said that I had to learn to live with it.
    He himself suffered from a CTS – called Cold Toes Syndrome – wherewith he suffered form having his toes COLD, inspite of the fact that the rest of his body was at 38 Degrees C in Brazil !

    This is NOt a case of C’est la vie indeed but a very serious matter and if you want to exchange your experiences with me… you are certainly welcome to do so via e-mail !

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