Ladies Who Laugh

I got one of my giggling fits today. You know the ones where something really tickles you and you’re embarrassed because it really wasn’t that funny yet you can’t stop laughing? Worse, when the conversation moves on to something serious, and you replay the remark in your head and burst out laughing when everyone’s discussing a tragic death or something?

I get those a lot. A memorable one occurred at work once, when He Who Brings The Coffee approached the desk where Kate and I were sitting and asked if I had a pencil sharpener. “Yes, I do!” I said brightly, opening the drawer and producing a child’s sharpener, “And look! It’s shaped like a whale!”. I grinned happily at him, and he stared at me with such a look of wonder that I burst out laughing. Also amused, Kate began to laugh as well. He Who Brings The Coffee sat down with the whale and just gazed at us as we howled with totally unnecessary laughter, until eventually he began to crack and gave a small snigger. Obviously this made things worse, and when a delivery driver came in and looked quite frightened at the sight of us, the moment became etched upon my memory. It still makes me burst out laughing when I think about it. The fact that it’s not remotely funny is apparently unimportant.

Anyway, a similar thing happened at Granny’s today, when Sister and I were having coffee with Granny and Great Aunt R. The conversation was understandably quite surreal, and Sister and I had already coped admirably with several batty comments (avoiding eye contact with each other is always crucial at these moments). But then Granny looked out the window at her neighbour trying to reverse his car past her own, which was parked in an extremely haphazard manner, half-on-half-off the kerb. “Oh, oh, he cannae dae that!” she exclaimed in alarm, “My hind end’s hangin’ out!”

I have no words. I laughed on and off for the rest of the afternoon at that.

Granny is great, though. Always very entertaining. When Great Aunt R asked how Sister and I were getting on living together, we said we’d had no problems so far. “I have my life and she has hers, and we just happen to be in the same house.” I added. Granny nodded.

 “Just like me and your Granda,” she concluded seriously.


3 thoughts on “Ladies Who Laugh

  1. Linda Rodgers says:

    Hahahaha I just read it out 2 my Mum and she was laughing so hard she had 2 go out of the room!!!!!! lolol!!! She’s still bursting into giggles! Haha!!!!

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