Sick as a… cat

Having gone to bed with a headache that has lingered mercilessly since Tuesday’s curtain pole trauma, I am awakened by Sister coming into my room to tell me it’s nearly time for me to get ready for church, and that she’s going round to a friend’s house. I groan, my head still throbbing.

“Oh, and your cat has learned a new trick,” she informs me disdainfully.

I open one eye. “What has she done now?” I ask in concern.

Sister grimaces. “She has climbed up to the box of dried cat food, knocked it over, clawed the food out, eaten an obscene amount… and then thrown up everywhere.”

I groan more loudly this time, reclosing my eye and putting a pillow over my head.

“On the plus side, I’ve hidden the rest of the cat food, and there’s a pot of coffee on. I’m away out. Have a nice night!”

She leaves me alone with a bulimic cat and the delightful prospect of cleaning boke off the floor. Kat the Cat wanders sheepishly into my bedroom, and we look sadly at each other for a while. She collapses in a fat heap in the floor and sighs heavily. I haul myself out of bed with a great effort, and plod wearily downstairs. At least the central heating’s fixed, I tell myself encouragingly.

Coffee Helps.


5 thoughts on “Sick as a… cat

  1. Bloody greedy cats!! I walked into our kitchen first thing in the morning a couple of months ago to discover no kitty…she’s usually waiting behind the door to tell me exactly HOW STARVING she is after a long night in her basket.
    Discovered her in the utility room…she’d managed to get the door open and had eaten half a box of cat food…she then needed to answer the call of nature and couldn’t because sh’ed locked herself in…What she dit next really impressed me.
    She tipped over her bag of litter so she could do her thing …bless her she’s a greedy cow but she really does have respect for her home.

  2. Betsy – Betterish… think I’ve been genuinely concussed for a week you know. People accuse me of being melodramatic, but they don’t realise what it’s like at times.
    Isit – What an absolutely fantastic cat!!!! I am in awe, and also very amused. Will be informing Kat about this act of intelligence.

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