What the qwijibo?

I seem to have become entangled in a whole big Scrabulous Tournament nightmare, and I have to say that I can only echo Nelly’s current sentiments.

Do you remember the good old days of, erm, last week? When you used to play the odd game of Scrabulous, making your move in a luxuriously leisurely manner during a spare minute?  When you had time to mull over potential material for your blog? When you could fall asleep without dreaming that you were on a giant Scrabble board, dragging letter tiles the size of a dining table around on your back, to form words you’re pretty sure nobody anywhere in the world has ever used in a sentence. Unless, of course, the sentence is “I didn’t know haji was a word”.

I swear, every time I go near a computer, there are lights flashing and messages screaming. IT’S YOUR MOVE! they go, relentlessly. I am playing approximately 2 million games at once, I have no blog material because my mind is so confused, and I’m also trying to hold down a full time job and a social life. Work has gone mental, and I’m ready to cry or hit someone (anyone) because, stupidly, I turned to an old vice a few weeks ago in a moment of stress and discouragement*. Then I realised I was getting hooked again, and have wised up and stopped. I cannot describe the intensity of the panicky, raging craving for nicotine, mixed with the madness of work, stirred up with the Scrabulous Chaos.

I Am Going To Kill Someone.

*This has been a Big Terrible Secret up until this point. I’m well aware that everyone will know my secret shame now, but I figure that a public confession will strengthen my determination not to go back again…

3 thoughts on “What the qwijibo?

  1. Becs says:

    Dont despair your BTS is not so bad. Look at it as a blip. Its not easy to give up! And as you have given up again I think you’re doing very well. If you’re too hard on yourself you will just start again. Good luck!

  2. K8 says:

    Hey I bet your brain is thanking you though… no senile dementia for you if you keep it up! I haven’t started the scrabulous fad yet, I fear it would be far too expensive for my outdated dial-up…

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