I am slightly embarrassed to tell you that this particular blog post started out in life as a private email to K8 the Gr8. She never received it, as I realised halfway through that it’s a bit late now to be worrying about my fellow bloggers thinking I’m an eejit… might as well just publish it on the WWW, eh?

The thing is, I’m a bit nervous about the whole Blog Awards thing. Firstly, there is a conference on next weekend, which nearly all of my friends have paid £50 to attend. This means I still have nobody to accompany me to Dublin, and that’s a wee bit daunting in itself. However, I am a girl who moved to Glasgow all by herself at the tender age of 18, and travelled alone to New York a few years ago, so I’m pretty certain I’ll be able to cope with an overnight stay in Dee Sowt.

The real issue is that I have no idea what to expect, and that scares me a bit. I’ve seen photographs from other blog awards ceremonies, and they seem to be very posh affairs, with dashing gentlemen in tuxedos and lovely ladies in fine silk dresses. I have never been to a dressy-uppy event in my entire adult life (as I am not a dressy-uppy person), but I was willing to do so for the sake of meeting my favourite bloggers and seeing my name on a shortlist. I even spent time planning exactly what I can stop eating in order to be able to afford a dress. Then, however, I received my booking confirmation email, and it has thrown me into a panic by saying that there is no dress code.

Being a complicated person, I can’t take that to mean “there is no dress code,” and cheerfully turn up in my casual clothes. Instead, I am spending many happy hours obsessing about the number of different ways there now are for me to make a complete fool of myself.

Firstly, what if there is no dress code, but it’s generally accepted that everyone dresses up in ballgowns, pearls, diamond shoes etc., and I land in the middle of it all wearing trainers and a John Lennon t-shirt?

Secondly, what if I do make an effort but look positively shabby next to all the glamorous people who attend awards ceremonies as often as I dream about it?

Thirdly – and possibly most horrifying of all – what if there really is no dress code, and everyone’s dressed casually, and I have felt that there was in fact an implied dress code, and I turn up in a dress I’ve sold all my belongings (cat included) to pay for, and everyone in the entire building stops talking and turns to stare at me as I walk in, and they all start to laugh and point as I realise my error, until eventually the loud, mocking laughter becomes a deafening roar that will chase me as I flee from the building, only to trip on my new high heels and fall flat on my face in a water fountain, with my knickers showing?

So, you see, I have issues. The email I didn’t send to K8 was a few rambling, panicky sentences along these lines, broken in the middle by a short, unannounced “HELP ME”.

I now issue that plea to the world at large.


6 thoughts on “Troubled

  1. Last year people wore all sorts! George went in a suit as he was a sponsor and felt a bit overdressed. The girls were all togged up in their finest dresses, but I’d expect nothing less from them.

    Some people will be in jeans and casual tops, others will be more dressy. I’m planning on a nice new pair of black jeans, black ankle boots and one of my nice floaty tops. Grannymar’s going for tailored trousers, top and tailored jacket.

    Best to wear what you will be comfortable in. Will you be at the Ladies’ Tea Party beforehand? Would love the chance to hook up with you there!

    Does that help any?

  2. Two answers from the same family. I was there as a finalist last year. The dress code for both men and women was as varied as walking along Donegall Place on a summer’s day! Not a ball gown in sight. Stop worrying and wear what you are comfortable in. Years ago I was to attend a charitable function in Belfast and we were told that a ‘Special Guest’ would be there and that we should wear our ‘Second best outfit!’

    The ‘Special Guests’ will be the Bloggers and you ARE one of them. I would offer you a lift, but I am hoping to travel down on Thursday morning and hoping to stay until at least Monday.

    Try to get to the hotel early. The gang blocking the doorway are the rough lot (read smokers) ignore them and waltz in like you own the place. Everyone there that night will be part of the Blogging world. Make for the noisiest group – I might be right in the middle of them. I will watch out for you!

  3. K8 says:

    Hails! You truly are my soul sister :) I’m seriously dang nervous too. Ok, I’ll be with my parents, but I cannot seriously stick to them like glue all night. Trouble is that I’m too bloody shy for my own good, so I need somebody to hook on to for support! I would be totally fucking honoured if you’d be that somebody :)

    As for the lack of dress code, it’s pretty clever. You just wear whatever you’re most comfortable in (no tit-tape allowed!), this way you’re guaranteed to have a better time. You’re right about most award gigs being ultra-formal, but this one is totally different. No dinner, no band, no extras, just a bar and a big room full of bloggers! Eeep… so many people :/

    I found a summery sort of dress, not formal at all really. It’s a floaty sort of affair, the sort of dress that catches on most things as you pass them. I just have to find some sort of jacket or something to go with it now.

    Don’t worry, by the third cocktail we’ll both be oblivious to our nerves. I hope.

  4. PS. There is No red carpet or dinner provided. There will be drinks at the bar for Finalists and Sponsors.

    There will be name badges for everyone so don’t worry about not knowing who people are. By the end of the night you will know everyone! Grannymar will be the ould hag chasing Toyboys!

  5. I am greatly relieved! Thank you, lovely, lovely people. Hurrah – Hails does not have to wear a dress!! I can’t wait to meet you all.
    Elly – I don’t know any details about the tea party thing… is it like Alice in Wonderland? ;)
    Grannymar – you are so nice and comforting – you will be getting a big hug from me when I see you!
    K8 – You are hilarious!Really did not have you pegged as even remotely shy. Thankful we can cling to each other for mutual support!
    Really excited about the Big Night – can’t wait to see you all!

  6. I am so missing out…wishing with all my heart I could be there to see all the people I pop in and visit…hope you have a fab time, and k8 is right, couple of cocktails and everything will be grand!

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