“Getting back to what we laughingly call reality”

The long-awaited Irish Blog Awards ceremony was held last night in Dublin, and it was a great evening. Much like the Oscars, only with Grandad and Twenty Major instead of… erm… whoever the famous actors are, these days.

I encountered one major, unforeseen difficulty when hovering uncertainly in the lobby awaiting the arrival of all the bloggers I was so excited to be meeting. The problem became apparent to me in the following exchange with The Sister:

Sister: Right, so who are we looking for?

Me: Ohhh, lots of people. They’re all going to be here.

Sister: OK, like who?

Me: K8 the Gr8GrannymarEllyEnglish Mum

Sister: Well, describe them to me and I’ll help you look. There’s a lot of people here. What do they look like?

Me: Ummm…. oh.

The name badges were a good idea, except that nobody actually knew anybody’s real name. Plus they were a little on the small side, resulting in a crowd of 400 bloggers walking around all night staring intently and (sometimes) apologetically at people’s chests in order to see the blog address printed beneath the name. “I don’t know why you didn’t think this through,” muttered Sister crossly as I wriggled nervously in my seat, trying desperately to guess who was who.

Fortunately, I recognised Grandad as soon as he walked in. I was painfully aware that he was one of the more well-known bloggers present, which is why I was a little reluctant to walk over to him and say “Excuse me… you’re K8’s dad, aren’t you?” (and perhaps also why he looked at me as Paul McCartney might have done if I’d approached him with some indifference and asked if he was by any chance related to the famous Stella). I felt a confused mixture of relief and embarrassment when the girl sitting with him leapt out of her seat to hug me, squealing “Hails!”. All’s well that ends well, anyway.

I didn’t win anything, but was delighted that the very dapper Grannymar jointly won Best Personal Blog with Grandad! It was a lovely evening, and I’m even more honoured to have been shortlisted now that I’ve seen just how many great blogs there are out there. Rick O’Shea, who presented the awards, made the whole thing feel very special and exciting, and also amused me greatly with his witticisms (I borrowed one of his links as my post title, because titles never come easily to me, despite the fact that they are the shortest part of the whole, rambling ensemble). “Does anyone know anything about computers?” he asked wryly during some technical difficulties. Teeheehee.

That’s the news in brief, my lovelies. Don’t forget we’ve still got the journey to discuss, and that’s always good for a laugh, eh?

I just need to lie down for a while first.

13 thoughts on ““Getting back to what we laughingly call reality”

  1. tenacioustimothy says:

    Hey there Hails-great to meet you last night! Thankfully I still have a voice in the blogosphere but not quite in reality yet! Coffee by IV today but oh yes it helps:-)

  2. Clarissa says:

    You’re a winner in my book! Well done on making it so far. Next year you’ll beat Twenty Major to Best Blog. ;)

  3. erin says:

    yay! i’m so glad you had fun! i can’t wait to hear all about it! we all thought about you last night and wondered how you were doing. love!

  4. Billy says:

    I’m really sorry to have to bring this up at a time like this, but I still haven’t figured out why there’s a smiley face in the top right-hand corner! :)

  5. Ah, good point. I did laugh when Grandad said about the tiny name tags being a good excuse to check out all the cleavages! Glad you had a good night. I’m DEFFO going next time, and I’m going to wear a t-shirt with I’M ENGLISH MUM on it in shocking pink just for you!! xx

  6. Tenacious T – Good to meet you! Hope the head’s cleared. Thanks for looking me up!
    Clarissa – Aw, shucks. Incidentally, Twenty turned out to be sitting near me – I almost fell off my chair when he got up to receive an award and I realised it was him. He’s actually quite cute… ;)
    Elly – I did ask your mum where you were but she was in the process of being swept away by a Toyboy, apparently.
    K8 – I went to bed not long after you left – Sister sat up drinking with Tenacious Timothy till about 6am!!!
    E2 – Thanks, friend! I’ll be in touch soon, I promise. Maybe another evening of favourite Office episodes?!
    Grannymar – Yeah yeah – I won’t tell everyone you’re actually only 35!
    Grandad – you know about the power of the Jedi, right?! Heheh.

    ***brief pause while I draw attention to the fact that 2FM radio presenter Rick O’Shea gave me a post all to myself on his blog, as evidenced by that pingback thingy up there***

    Billy – I really don’t know what you’re talking about.
    English Mum – I was so sad not to see you there!! You were on my list of Almost Celebrities I wanted to meet. :D

  7. Almost celebrities!?! I’m flattered! Unlike the real humble housewife I really am just a humble housewife he he. Would have loved to meet you too. 73 and i were just saying that we should have our own little blogger meet-up, just to say hi, and so we can all saunter about safe in the knowledge that we know each other come next year’s awards ceremony!! x

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