Prettiness and gushing sentiment

day_award.jpgLovely K8. She’s given me this little award for apparently being a blogger who makes her day.


 I’m supposed to pass it on to some of the bloggers who brighten my day, but K8 has handed them out all over the place and it’s probably now more a case of, if you haven’t got one, you need to update your blog more often. ;)

So, instead, I am honoured to present this pretty lil’, erm, jpeg to my daily readers, especially those who brighten my day by leaving me comments. Thank you for keeping me happy and motivated – you give me the encouragement to keep writing. I would’ve said all this in my funny, touching and totally unrehearsed acceptance speech at the Blog Awards, of course, but the judges didn’t pick me. Bah.

I don’t need them. I have you – and you make my day!


2 thoughts on “Prettiness and gushing sentiment

  1. I have a mental picture of you proudly dusting, cleaning, polishing and adjusting your tropy on a regular basis! You’re right, of course – if I had one, you’d have to wipe the layer of dust away in order to read it. That’s assuming that the cat didn’t instantly knock it over and smash it to smithereens…

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