Educating Dirk, Employing Hails

I’m somewhat amused to note that my blog is actually being cited as a reference in educational articles, these days.

That sounds a lot more impressive than it really is. However, the latest reference I’ve spotted is in this essay, which on closer inspection turned out to be an advertisement for language schools. A Spaniard living in England is discussing the slow and painful process of learning the English language in all its dialectal glory, and directs readers to Dirk’s Painful Conversation. If only I’d known that my innocent American friend’s verbal blunders would end up being useful in any way in the process of improving language standards, I’d have made much more of an effort to listen to him, perhaps even taking notes instead of laughing uproariously at his errors. Sorry, Dirk. I didn’t realise that you were an educational marvel.

While we’re hovering around the topic of literacy and perfectionism, I really need to start taking some steps in the whole career situation. By this, I mean that I need to actually find a career. I don’t want to be a secretary for the rest of my life, and as I draw nearer to 30 I fear I have wasted a significant chunk of my life answering phones and transferring numbers from one column into the next. Does anyone have any advice for someone who wants to write, but isn’t sure what to do with that? Even lurkers are invited, even encouraged, to come out from the shadows of the blog stats just this once and throw in a thought. Ideas, suggestions, inspiration? Contact names, websites, phone numbers? Or are you, by any chance, the editor of a magazine, uncertain as to why you were looking at this blog until just now, when the realisation that you must hire me as your newest, most zany and original feature writer has slapped you suddenly across the face with the force of a Ballymena hurricane?

Talk to me. I’m interested.


5 thoughts on “Educating Dirk, Employing Hails

  1. Sam says:

    What about copywriting for an advertising agency? Or reporting for a local rag… bit dull though, in my experience, unless you’re especially interested in pensioner muggings and spates of laundry thefts from washing lines.
    Definitely pursue this, though. You have the flair.

  2. Dirk (the) says:

    ok, wait, so how did that story turn into a “verbal blunder” or “error” of mine? funny…yes. smelly…yes. a valuable educational resource for good american storytelling…yes. but a verbal blunder on my behalf? the dude (elmer) had bad gas and was a poor judge of ethnicity/nationality…how is this my fault? the way i see it, you owe me for getting you credit on some random spaniard’s language diary. i want my cut of the profits.

  3. Lurker & Sam – Many thanks for the suggestions. They have been added to my research To Do list!

    Dirk – Caps Lock. Try it. :-p

    Billy – I may give you a call about this! He is likely to know someone who knows someone. PS – I promise I haven’t forgotten about your essay! Be in touch soon.

    Thanks also to all of you kind souls who have sent me emails and Facebook messages. I’m grateful!

    If there’s more, keep ’em coming…

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