Looking Up

A few months ago, I stumbled upon the blog of a young woman in Canada. She calls her site Finding Joy Every Day, and her delightful approach to life as a series of both simple and profound events containing joy, if only we choose to see them, has inspired this rather belated post in the middle of what I can only describe as a whirlwind few weeks of mixed emotions and occasional panic.

Sometimes it’s too easy to focus on the negatives, because they have a nasty habit of roaring up to you like a winter wave from the Atlantic Ocean and crashing over your head with sufficient force to knock you off your feet and leave you gasping for breath. Trying to be positive when you’re sitting on the wet shingle spitting out seaweed, fighting off jellyfish and coughing up salty water is no easy task, and yet if you take a deep breath and get back on to your feet, you’ll always be able to see the calm beauty of the horizon.

 Of course, I realise that this is all too serious for a blog that generally concerns itself with nothing deeper than a bit of a gripe about people with No Taste Whatsoever in coffee, or an occasional bout of road rage, or a psychologically challenged cat. The fact that I haven’t written a post all week should suggest that I’m a little preoccupied, but as Coffee Helps has generally been a light-hearted look at daily life, I’m not about to start turning it into a counselling forum. And so I’ve set myself the challenge of finding the positives, in an effort to save my blog and be true to its nature, before the coffee pot becomes permanently and tragically half empty.

The most positive thing I have encountered during the flurry of negative feelings is, without a shadow of doubt, the Cadbury’s Creme Egg. Pessimism is impossible when you’ve just hollowed out the egg and, in the midst of the ensuing sugar rush, placed the chocolate shell in its entirety into your mouth. There are no words. Mainly because it’s difficult to speak with an entire Creme Egg in your mouth.

Joy can be found in the simplest places. It is the discovery of adult-sized Petits Filous pots* on special offer. It is having your photograph taken when you’re standing approximately two feet behind a sign that reads Strictly no access beyond this point. It is the discovery of Half Decent Coffee in Wetherspoons for only 49p a cup (no Starbucks, but drinkable, and a fifth of the price!). It is laughing with a friend whose attempt to say “were you crying?” in French combines an understanding nod with the words “Ah, alors… il pleut sur le visage de Hails…”. It’s watching an episode of Ally McBeal, it’s driving into the sunset, it’s wondering “what if…?”, it’s listening to a song that brings back memories, it’s that delicious “you’ve got mail” moment when you log into your email account. It is hanging out with friends on an average night and finding yourself listening to something like this:

 Life is uphill at times, my friends. But there’s always love, laughter, music and chocolate.

 And coffee most definitely helps.

*I mean, obviously, that the portions are intended for adults, and not that I have recently puchased an 8-pack of monstrous, 5′ 10″ fromage frais pots. 


10 thoughts on “Looking Up

  1. Maureen says:

    Joy is also reading your blog posts. Particularly the one about your trip to the big city with the aid of your GPS, Maxine. Great laughs over the poor gizmo’s insistance that you were heading for certain death by drowning. Thanks for the chuckles!

  2. “Jay” (OK, John the intern!) and his brother-in-law, Tyler. The video quality is too poor to do it justice. I did have to be careful not to film faces, to maintain the anonymity I’ve carefully protected on my blog. Clearly I’ve just blown that…

  3. crayzblonde says:

    Wow, thanks for the mention!
    I really appreciate it and I must say that I love your blog!
    Coffee definitely helps!

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