Big Mug

It has occurred to me that I am missing a vital piece of equipment for my journey through life. I’m utterly perplexed as to how I have survived thus far without it, to be honest, and having made the discovery I know that I’m now going to be suffering from a weird, unsettled, jittery feeling until I have the opportunity to correct the problem.

I do not have a thermal travel mug.

I’m not sure how this is even possible, but there it is all the same. I am a caffeine addict without a thermal mug. It’s like being an alcoholic without a hip flask, or an Emo Kid without a scowl.

It’s not that I’ve never been previously aware of this gaping void; it’s more a case of never quite having grasped the enormity of the issue. “To Go” cups from Starbucks are an almost permanent feature in my car/house/hand. However, there comes a time when you have neither the time nor the spare money to purchase such delights, and so, when I lost track of time this morning and realised that I had five minutes in which to get dressed, defrost the car, and drink an entire pot of coffee, the distressing lack of a thermal mug in my life became glaringly obvious. What to do, what to do? I murmured in agitation as I struggled hastily into a badly-in-need-of-an-iron top and filled a Diet Coke bottle with warm water, staring all the while at the untouched coffee in the pot. For a mad moment, I considered returning to the house after defrosting the car, and refilling the bottle with coffee, but I thought that carrying a 2 litre bottle of extra-strong Americano to work might be just a little on the extreme side.

In the end, I downed one large mug in approximately 40 seconds, sending my brain into meltdown and scalding my tongue in the process, and poured some more into a glass – for none of my mugs, sadly, fit into Rio the Clio’s cup-holders – to accompany me on my journey. Not that I got to drink much of it. It is only when you’ve got a glass of hot coffee in the car that you become painfully aware of how many speed bumps and sharp corners there are in your housing estate…


7 thoughts on “Big Mug

  1. brittasbaycoastcare says:

    Oh bummer, they used to do a deal in Esso stations where they gave out free coffee flasks (with a lid and a sippy-hole!) with fuel, but they’ve stopped that now.

    I hate downing coffee too quick, but it’s a necessary evil I suppose. Try lining your mouth with candlewax first.

  2. YOu need to get one with Jesus plastered on it or the footprints poem thing!!! Then your coffee will be anointed forever more………

    p.s i think we sold out! pheww :)

  3. tenacioustimothy says:

    Oh my god, how have you survived all these years?! Have two small thermal flasks for day to day use, one large one for THOSE days and the one with that sippy hole K8 mentioned for the piddling dose on the short drives! Will check with the family in the States…think I could find you the Footprints one;-)

  4. K8 – Candlewax, while a wonderful suggestion, would probably impair my tastebuds a little. Mind you, so does lifting a layer of skin with scalding hot coffee…
    Ally – Any other advertising I can help you out with, feel free! ;)
    Tim – I love how you’ve just leapt into action here in this emergency situation!! What a hero…
    Foreigner – Yes, that would minimise my Crazy
    Lady image no end, wouldn’t it?!

  5. Billy says:

    Yay!! Hails finally understands the Emo Kid thing!

    Can’t help but remember a certain afternoon in Starbucks, where you stared suspiciously at the steady stream of teenagers wearing spiky boots and heavy eye make-up, whispering in my ear, “Goth or emo? Goth or emo?”

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