“…and probably look for work teaching English as a foreign language, until I figure out how to make the writing thing happen,” I conclude. Everyone in Ma’s living room nods enthusiastically. “And I’m going to visit you when you have your own place in France,” says E2, happily.

“When are you leaving the country?” asks Ma, distractedly, attempting to send a text and write a card at the same time. “May 11th,” I tell her. “Now that I’ve finished work, I can spend the next month clearing out the house and selling most of my belongings. Rio the Clio will have to go, too. And I want to look into the TEFL thing.”

“Spell congratulations,” says Ma, not listening to a single word I’m saying.

“C – O – N – G – R -”

“Wait, wait!!” she interrupts, waving her hands. “What was after ‘o’?”

Several spellings later, she looks suspiciously at me. “That’s not how you spell congratulations! You’re having me on.” I gaze at her in wonder. “I assure you, that’s how it’s spelt.”

“Here, look at that!” she exclaims, thrusting the card in front of Betsy’s nose. “Sure that’s not how you spell congratulations?” Betsy surveys the card and is forced to admit that the spelling is indeed correct. Ma looks incredibly dubious.

“Look, I wouldn’t tell you the wrong spelling,” I say gently. “You have to break words down into syllables. Con… grat… u…”

“But there’s another ‘t’ in there!” says Ma incredulously.

“Phonetics,” I explain. “Pronunciation,” I add for clarification. “Sounds,” I finish, patiently. Other conversations resume all around me as I spend some time giving Ma spelling tips.

“Well, there you go!” she says happily. “I would never have known any of that.”

“Hails!” says E1 excitedly, “you just taught English as a foreign language!”

This bodes well for the future…


8 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes…

  1. Joey says:

    Go Hails!! You’re through with the sitting around complaining, huh?

    Just want to clarify that you will of course still be continuing with the blog no matter where you go… “Le café m’aide”, maybe?

  2. Clarissa says:

    You left your job? You’re going to france? But… but… I didn’t get to say goodbye to he who brings the coffee!

    Like Nelly I wan to know more details!!!! Is Coffee Helps going to turn into petite Anglaise, and you into Bill Bryson??? Stop being cryptic, we want answers!

  3. Sam says:

    If you really have finished work, I’m going to have to insist that you stop lounging round the house, get on the computer RIGHT NOW and answer the questions of these good people. You are a public figure. You have responsibilities. The teaser is cute, but I’m afraid we need more.

  4. Billy says:

    Haha. Ma makes me laugh.

    I’m torn between feeling very, very happy for you, and really not wanting you to leave…

  5. Merci beaucoup pour les réponses, mes amis!

    All becomes clear in the next post. Suffice it to say that coffee, a laptop, and my blog will all continue to feature heavily in my life, wherever I may end up! :)

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