Nelly from the Blog

Had coffee with Nelly and her daughter, Hannah, on Saturday.

Nelly is the one you should hold responsible for the existence of Coffee Helps, being the owner of the very first blog I ever read, and the one who first encouraged me to Keep On Blogging. I decided that I needed to meet her in person before I take off on my travels, and I’m glad I did – she’s every bit as entertaining in person.

I’m increasingly amazed by the relationships it’s possible to form on the internet. It’s absolutely nothing like talking to someone you’ve never met before – thanks to regular stalking blog reading, you already know each other remarkably well. You can meet up, chat, laugh, and know that you’ve got a friend.

Not only that, but it’s a safe bet that they’re going to go home and write unashamed lies about you, and publish them online. “Hails is a total honeybun, a real sweetiepie… a pussycat”. Pah. Much as I respect the woman, I’d have written her off for that one, had she not instantly corrected her assessment to the much more accurate one of “ruthless, unpitying destroyer”. That’s better. Can’t be losing the fear-and-trembling-inducing reputation I have so carefully crafted in the Scrabulous world.

At the risk of dipping my toe in the pussycat-style pool of sentimentality, I have to admit that I will be forever grateful to Nelly for nudging me into the world of blogging. It has been – and continues to be – a move that shapes and influences my life in the most unexpected and wonderful ways, and, as Coffee Helps approaches its very first birthday, I feel it appropriate to say thank you to my very own Blogmother.

Cheers, Nelly. I owe you.


5 thoughts on “Nelly from the Blog

  1. Well, it’s not for a few weeks yet, but I’m all smiles now. This does not mean I’m a pussycat or anything of the sort! I’m tough, me. :)

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