Someone’s Watching

It’s early in the morning, and Kat and I are having some quality bonding time. By this, I mean that she is lying on my pillow looking as haughty as ever, I am attempting to cuddle her, and she, in turn, is not swiping me across the face with her claws. It’s a precious moment.

As we lie here, Kat and I, I share my early morning thoughts with her. They mostly involve how tired I am, how much I’m going to miss her when I leave, and how I forgot to put the leftovers from last night’s Chinese into the fridge. The more I dwell upon this, the more attractive those leftovers begin to look, to my sleep-deprived mind. In my sleepiness, I half-dream/half-consider going downstairs and reheating the food, making some more rice and so on. Although it is only 6am, I can almost smell the curry. I feel ashamed to be desiring such things at this time of the morning; it cannot be normal. Kat, for one, looks extremely judgemental.

Just then, my computer makes a little ding noise from beide the bed, informing me of a new email. I yawn, stretch, detach myself from the cat, and roll over to take a sleepy look at the screen.

The email is from WeightWatchers.

Of course, I know in my head that it’s not actually possible for the internet to be intercepting my thoughts. But sometimes the sneaking suspicion that there is Something Weird Going On just becomes too powerful to ignore.

Guiltily, I delete the email and roll over to go back to sleep. I swear the cat is smirking. She knows


5 thoughts on “Someone’s Watching

  1. Becs – I’ll see if she can be persuaded. If I get scratched I’m blaming you.
    Grannymar – Well, she’s not getting *my* laptop!!
    Nelly – Of course not, what do you think I am?! ;)

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