Superior Tactics

Well, really. I’ve just seen the following advertisement on Facebook.

Awesome Rooms For Rent

Probably too nice for you, though! We’d rather have your friends. Do them a favour, let them know!

I feel rather offended. Obviously, such an arrogant marketing ploy failed to have the desired effect on me, and I was not curious enough click on the link to their site, where I was not at all impressed by their apartments, and did not agree in the slightest that they were perfectly correct in their initial assumption.

It’s a bit much to take when adverts start firing outright insults at you. Is this the way forward?

Lidl – because you’re too poor to shop at Sainsbury’s.

WeightWatchers – Have you looked in a mirror lately? So you do know how fat you are?  You big hippo.

Max Factor – You have a face like the back of a bus. Do us all a favour and cover it up.

Smirnoff – If everyone had a life as dismal as yours, our sales would go through the roof.

I’m not entirely convinced that it’ll catch on, but you never know, I suppose.


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