And miles to go before I sleep…

Why, oh why do I always leave everything to the last minute? There are 11 days until my leaving date, and only yesterday did The Fear finally kick in enough to make me start panicking and trying to get organised. It’s hard to think about sitting down and writing an even vaguely entertaining blog post when the majority of your house looks something like this:

Disorganised Chaos. So just \'chaos\', really.

 And that’s the least of it. Eagle-eyed readers should be able to spot the roll of tape hanging from my laptop. This is because it is dying. Dying. I have resorted to taping it together so that all the internal connections are pushed together to an extent where things actually appear on the screen. It’s all very upsetting.

I type this hastily thrown together blog post amidst a sea of priceless (and worthless) possessions, and growing feelings of despair and panic. I’m trying to be ruthless and just get rid of anything I don’t genuinely need. The theory is that everything else will then fit into this:

Excuse me while I laugh mockingly at my own theory. The things you find, though! Carefully collected merchandise… childhood books and toys… notes passed amongst schoolfriends… mix tapes made as a dreamy teenager… gifts received long ago… hundreds and hundreds of photographs…

It is a long, emotional, nostalgic and unsettling process. And some people are just no help at all:


5 thoughts on “And miles to go before I sleep…

  1. The Sister says:

    Don’t feel pity for the unorganised one, I warned her this would happen…! It’ll only get worse before it gets better….hehe…..;)

  2. DT says:

    I found that a lot of trips to the dump and charity shops helped immensely.
    I haven’t started the taxidermy course yet, so I’m not sure about taking your cat. However I do know a great Chinese chef ;-)

  3. Grannymar, I’ve said it before and apparently I’m saying it again: you are a wise, wise woman.
    Sister – your support is invaluable.
    DT – Why have you suddenly dropped your anonymity?! And am studiously ignoring your anti-cat remarks.

  4. I’ve stopped using the pseudonym CyberScribe as I was getting a bit sick of it. I couldn’t think of another name to use so the one my ‘auld folk’ gave me will have to do.

    Anti-cat remarks. I wish the USPCA would issue me with an order that I can’t have any pets. That’d mean I could get rid of a cat and a rabbit here. The Mrs still hasn’t let me use them for dinner.

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