Fluffy Backfire

When MonkeyMrs sent me a text tonight, inviting me round to theirs tomorrow night, it was immediately followed by a typically odd message from Billy, who was apparently with her at the time.

I dare you to send MonkeyMrs a psychotic reply it said, for no obvious reason. I shrugged, and replied to MonkeyMrs. I love my lips…. usta! said my reply. I continued with my dinner preparations, receiving an appreciative text from Billy, who, it seems, had been “thinking more ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ psychotic” but enjoyed my response nonetheless. She said I showed potential. I was pleased.

Then I got another text from Billy, which caused me to laugh so hard I started to choke, then cry (a knock-on effect of the choking), and burn my dinner in the process. MonkeyMrs just accidentally sent MonkeyMan a message saying ‘I ate Billy for tea’. You’ve been outdone – and she hadn’t even been dared!

I love it when people are thoughtful enough to share these little moments with me. Of course, it’s even better when they display them online for all the world to see, as MonkeyMrs has been known to do. One of my favourite amusing moments ever (and one which still makes me giggle out loud when I think about it) was when everyone around here started catching on to Facebook applications like Superpoke. You can read about all the interactions in the Superpoke feeds: Hails has hugged MonkeyMrs. Billy has hi-fived McBouncy. Then came the rather brilliant sheep-throwing feature. It appealed to my sense of humour to go online and see something like Bex has thrown a sheep at Hails. For at least a week, everyone just happily threw sheep at each other all day and all night, because it’s not often you get the chance to do that, unless you’re from Cullybackey or Broughshane, perhaps.

MonkeyMrs, struggling to keep up with all these new-fangled activities (i.e. throwing sheep at one’s friends), tried her utmost to join in the fun. Sadly, she failed to get it quite right, and so it was that I was treated to one of my favourite lines of all time when looking at the feed on her profile…

MonkeyMrs has thrown a sheep at herself.

Poor MonkeyMrs. I couldn’t tell anyone about it without giggling hysterically at the mental image, and for a long time she endured numerous immature jokes every time anyone saw a sheep. It’s also become a classic and generally approved method for stopping me in my tracks if I’m being gloomy or in the middle of a full-on rant about something. Many friends will simply say “MonkeyMrs has thrown a sheep at herself” and I’ll be totally incapable of doing anything other than laughing helplessly.

But we’re all quite normal once you get to know us…


2 thoughts on “Fluffy Backfire

  1. Billy says:

    Ha ha! And the funniest thing was, poor MonkeyMrs was only trying to say, “Billy’s coming to tea tonight”. Can’t stop laughing – but she’s not best pleased, you know.

  2. I think it was even funnier on hearing MonkeyMan’s typically calm reaction to *receiving* the text, but it’s too late to rewrite it now. :)

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