We skinned our hearts and skinned our knees

“We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun…” I sang happily to myself as I lay on my back watching Jay and E2 play Frisbee in the park.

Being currently under great pressure to get A Lot Of Things done in a matter of days, I was in desperate need of a break, and joined my friends for a picnic dinner in the park. After eating, we lay around on the grass, talking and laughing. The sun was shining, the ducks were swimming, Red and Dirk were making daisy chains… it was idyllic, really. Just the thing to lower the stress levels.

Reluctantly, I got up after an hour or so, remembering the chaos that awaited me at home. Dirk, also needing to get back, came with me, and we strolled contentedly along the path to the park exit. Once again – and as seems to be a common occurrence when I become tired and stressed – I seem to have forgotten how to stand upright, because as we were mid-conversation I suddenly fell over for no apparent reason. With a startled scream (because you just don’t expect to fall over without being tripped or pushed, really) I lurched sideways and was caught by an equally startled Dirk, who dangled me by the arm for a moment, trailing me across the ground as he staggered about trying to maintain his own balance, and eventually hauled me to my feet.

We looked at each other. “Um.” I said uncertainly. “Erm.” he added, confused. We looked back at our friends, who were laughing heartily in their usual sympathetic manner. A random passer-by walked on, sniggering, as I brushed myself down with as much dignity as I could muster up. “What,” said Dirk, finally, “was that?” I looked sadly at him. “Sometimes I just fall over,” I explained carefully. He nodded. We resumed our walk. “I thought you were shot,” he confessed after a few moments, looking a little embarrassed.

The afore-mentioned passer-by had stopped and knelt down to adjust something on his child’s pushchair, and I tried to creep past him unnoticed. Dirk realised what I was doing, and helpfully stopped beside the stranger. “Hey, I’m sorry you had to be a witness to that,” he said in his most sincere and apologetic tones. “We’re still teaching her how to walk.” The guy looked like he didn’t know whether to be amused or frightened, particularly as Dirk was wearing a daisy chain on his head as he supported a 26-year-old toddler.

I have cut my knee. It is sore. :(


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