Totally Vague

I very much enjoyed my trip to the supermarket yesterday.

What can I say? Some people like museums, some enjoy scenery, some prefer fine art. My favoured method of experiencing a new culture is to wander through a supermarket, marvelling at the wonders contained therein. My frustrating inability to retain any knowledge whatsoever of the local language proved to be something of a setback here, of course, as it was all but impossible to tell what anything was. Fortunately, I do of course know some Estonian: enough to realise that even the milk likes to greet its buyers with a cheerful hello, anyway.

Tere, milk!

Tere! says the milk. That’s the milk that’s actually sold in cartons, of course – for it seems that it’s much more usual to buy a bag of milk rather than a carton, or a bag of yogurt rather than a tub. I can’t quite get my head around that one yet.

Fortunately, not everything in the supermarket was in Estonian. I discovered a freezer containing a selection of ice-creams, comfortingly labelled in English.

Totally Unspecific

It’s good to be confident about what exactly it is that you’re buying, and I was understandably grateful for these helpfully detailed wrappers. Riho, feeling adventurous, purchased some Yellow. It turned out to be an exotic fruit sorbet covered with some sort of banana flavoured coating. It was interesting, and we became quite enthusiastic about the idea of diving into the unknown in such a devil-may-care manner. After dinner, therefore, we hunted out some more ‘Totally’. And so it was that for dessert, Riho had White, and I had Brown.

We still have Red and Green to go. I am studiously ignoring Black. I don’t think I wish to have Black for dessert, ever.


5 thoughts on “Totally Vague

  1. MoNkEy MrS says:

    Monkey man and I also love to explore supermarkets on holiday never mind looking at the wonderful sights that are on offer. It makes us feel as if we are really soaking up local culture. Totally white/brown- if only packaging here was as simple and honest!! Missing you for coffee!!!!

  2. McBouncy says:

    What’s the chances that “Black” is like the fabulous black midget gems… Yum!
    You have to try it, I need to know what it is like. I thought you had a sense of adventure…

    McLovely loves supermarkets on holidays! I just like what he brings back from his frequent trips!

  3. Oh I have always thought I was abnormal, I am so pleased to see so many like me out there!!! I always make a bee line for supermarkets!!! I know about milk and yoghurts in packets, in South Africa you get packets, plastic and tetra packs!!!

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