Even the blog’s moving…

It’s about time I was a DotCom, don’t you think?

So go ahead, tell your friends, tell your feeds – Coffee Helps, like its author, is on the move and can now be found at http://www.coffee-helps.com. I’m hopelessly ineffectual when it comes to anything remotely technology-related, and so I have done my best to give the oul’ blog a facelift, wrestling with terms like CSS and widget before giving up and deciding it’ll do rightly, as my granny would say.

I’m trying to fool new visitors into thinking I’m much more hip ‘n’ happening than I really am, in the hope that they’ll read a post or two, and then stick around and perhaps recommend me to their friends. Somewhere along the line, one of those friends will include a publisher/editor/something similar, who will want to give me work. This will have the happy outcome of enabling me to journey onwards, without resorting to blogging from a cardboard box in a French street, outside a coffee shop with free wifi.

You always have to consider The Plan in a long term sense.


4 thoughts on “Even the blog’s moving…

  1. Becs says:

    Congratulations on dot comness. :) I have a mental picture of you in your cardboard box outside a french cafe with Chat le chat on your knee. How is our favourite kat?

  2. I think The Sister might be in a better position to give you that information. I received some rather distressed messages today on the subject. All I’ll say is that I think the cat loved me after all, and now misses me. This comforts me, despite the difficulties it seems to be causing The Sister… :)

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