Delightfully Odd Sights

1. Whilst walking along beside the harbour, feeling quite chirpy and upbeat about life, my world suddenly exploded in a burst of cheerful music. The Monkees, to be precise. I started to dance, just a little bit, causing a nearby drunk to pause from gazing despondently at his own relection in the water to stare curiously at me. I turned around a few times in an attempt to figure out the source of this musical treat, but to no avail. Other than the drunk, a man on a bike, and a couple of pedestrians, there was nothing in the immediate area. I shrugged, and continued to skip along, singing I’m A Believer. The man on the bike overtook me, and rang his bell at me, grinning with unusual cheeriness.

I was a little confused, certain that he couldn’t have enjoyed my dancing quite that much. Then I saw it. This guy was not just riding a bike, he was riding some breed of Super Bike. This bike had an in-built stereo system, with huge great speakers on the handlebars. And it was pumping out some thumpin’ Monkees tunes. I cannot express my pleasure at this invention. It made me smile for the rest of my walk.

2. They are very into their recycling over here, causing all manner of confusion when it comes to putting out the rubbish. In the supermarkets, bottled drinks have an extra fee tacked on to their usual price, money which is returned to you when you bring back the bottles. As I waited in line for the ATM at the shopping centre yesterday, I was momentarily bemused to see a small boy pushing a trolley that was filled to the brim with empty bottles. Even when I remembered the recycling/return your bottles thing, it still struck me as quite amusing that every single one of those bottles (and there were at least 70) was once home to an alcoholic beverage of some description. Unperturbed, the 7-year-old carefully pushed his precious cargo onwards, amidst much clinking, towards his destination.

3. Strolling along the riverwalk yesterday evening, we saw that old woman from Home Alone:

She had two bin liners full of scavenged junk, and was surrounded by adoring pigeons, ducks and the like as she threw what I assume was bread at them. She did not like us stopping to watch, and in fact gathered up her garbage and moved a few feet further along the path before resuming her crooning to the birds. I had to pretend not to be interested as we walked past, but really, it was like stepping straight into a very familiar scene from a movie.

So many random and obscure moments like these. They are what make life so much fun!


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