Fresh Art

Upon closer inspection, it appears that the Drainpipe Art I mentioned the other day is actually more bizarre than any of us could have expected.

“Hang on,” I said as we walked past it again. Crossing the street to have a closer look at this architectural wonder, I peered closely at the ‘cups’. A feeling of utter bewilderment crept in over my mild bemusement. In silence, I crouched down to examine the display of pipes on the base of the ‘Art’.

Unable to do anything other than gape, I glanced up at Riho, who was no doubt anxiously awaiting my verdict. “These are… air fresheners,” I said slowly and carefully. I returned my gaze to the pipes in order to verify this. I nodded. “They are, in fact, air fresheners” I confirmed, unable to tear myself away from the ‘Art’.

Not only is it a model made of drainpipes, and not only is it bizarrely decorated with cups of some description, but it is also an exhibit of air fresheners. I do not know what to make of this, and there is no descriptive literature to be found. In a moment of desperation, I almost asked a girl standing nearby, until I realised that she was just an interested observer like myself and had nothing to do with the ‘Art’. I cannot cope with the Not Knowing; there is a deep, inexplicable need in me to find meaning. Other people may be able to walk past and say “Oh look, dear, a large object made of drainpipes and decorated with cups and two types of air freshener, how lovely!”, but I simply can’t do that. I had to leave eventually, as the fumes were giving me a headache and the lavender scent was making me sneeze, but I haven’t let it go.

I won’t.

3 thoughts on “Fresh Art

  1. The Sister says:

    Hmmmm….have been thinking about this one…!

    Still have not come to a full and true conclusion to what the meaning could be.

    Perhaps is trying to demonstrate something about waste and air polution??! Or make the watse or perhaps water smell nice??! The cups however…i’m confused :(

    Maybe there’s no clean water, so the idea is to run it through an airfreshener and pour it into a cup…then enjoy!!

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