I may be shooting myself in the foot, but…

Several months ago I wrote a post expressing my appreciation of Australian newspaper Northern Territory News. To my horror and delight (it was an odd feeling), the staff of said newspaper descended upon Coffee Helps. Fortunately, they seemed to take the whole thing very well, and I received a funny and appreciative comment from one Jimmy D. Less happy was Celebrity Dragon, a former member of staff who left a comment some time later voicing his/her extreme displeasure at my existence.

I felt a little sad about this. I love the Northern Territory News. I really do. After a commenter informed me that they were giving away a free postcard of the infamous crocodile photograph, I made certain that my Australia-travelling friend would be getting his hands on one for me. I now have it in my possession; it is my pride and joy. I also have a few issues of the newspaper itself, which I have read carefully several times over and stored safely with my luggage. My post about the Northern Territory News was one of appreciation, not deprecation. Were I to be offered the opportunity to write for a publication like this, I would jump at the chance. I’m being completely serious. I love it.

This was all really one big giant disclaimer, because I’m now about to write about the Northern Territory News and its latest Top Story. I can’t resist it, and so I just wanted it to be clear, for the benefit of those who hate me (and apparently my clothes), that I’m a fan, not a critic. Sometimes, it seems, the lines get blurred, and for that I apologise.

Anyway. Toad survives 40 minutes in dog’s stomach says today’s headline. Which is mildly amusing on its own, but nothing compared with the story itself. Again, and at the risk of unjustly being called patronising or condescending, I can only urge you to read this article for yourself, because I simply cannot do it justice. Basically, dog is eating leftover pies. Dog accidentally eats cane toad, thinking it is pie. Owner panics and takes dog to vet. Vet makes dog sick. Dog eventually vomits up toad. Toad is adopted by animal hospital, and christened Spew.

You see? I can’t make it entertaining. NT News can, and do. By the time I finished the article and spotted the slightly disgusting photograph of the ‘super toad’, I was helpless with laughter. “NOT A PIE:” says the caption, “the regurgitated toad, which appears to have suffered no ill effects.”

Thank you, NT News, for making the world a funnier place.

2 thoughts on “I may be shooting myself in the foot, but…

  1. Hmm.. more of a ‘dragon’ than a ‘celeb’ I would say and probably having a bad day… Something along the lines of: ‘Wish I hadn’t got out of bed this morning but crikey… (rubbing hands gleefully) what is this that has just wandered into my crossfire? A fresh young talented Irish blogger! Fire away!’
    It’s somehow a bit sad, don’t you think?
    Loved the toad story! It reminded me of a Dutch T.V. report a few years ago, about a tropical pet shop in A’dam. Seems the harrassed owner had had to install automatically locking doors, to stop the junks from coming in and licking the toads (!) It’s a rare old world…

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