The Parents go online

Ring-ring! Ring-ring!

Someone is calling me on Skype. It is my mother. This is something of a surprise to me, as it involves my parents having internet access, and my mother both using a computer and knowing what Skype is. Clearly the Sister is involved.

It has happened: my parents are online.

The Sister (and Kat the Cat) moved in with them when I left, and now there are laptops, wireless internet routers, and all manner of foreign things in the house where it once took 4 people approximately 48 hours to (unsuccessfully) install a new DVD player.

I like that they try, I really do. They are never daunted, even when perhaps they should be. The mobile phone thing was quite successful in the end – I almost never receive blank text messages any more, and Mum even uses txtspk! A product of receiving her mobular education from The Sister, no doubt.

Hello? I say dubiously, answering the call. A rowdy chorus responds, and I realise that it is not just my mother: it is my mother, my father, my sister, some wine, and the cat. The laptop, it transpires, is sitting on the living room floor while they all lounge on sofas around it. I can feel everyone’s gaze upon me. It’s a little disconcerting.

I try to introduce sensible topics of conversation, but it becomes evident that no one is listening to me. “What,” I ask eventually, “is going on?”. Apparenty Kat the Cat has become extremely distressed upon hearing my voice after all this time. She has been running around in circles as I’ve been speaking, searching in vain for her owner, and has eventually deduced that they are keeping me inside the laptop. She is just sitting beside it, staring sadly at it.

It is heartbreaking. The Family are in stitches.

I end the conversation some time later, when I hear a mew and ask Oh, was that Kat?! and Mum responds with a weary No, it’s just your father.

With Skype, it’s just like being at home…

[I’m not sure how to feel about the fact that they can now read everything I write about them, too. Still, I’m far enough away that I can’t get into trouble. Heheh.]

2 thoughts on “The Parents go online

  1. I never thought I’d see the day…

    Welcome, parental unit.

    *performs frantic search of archives in effort to destroy incriminating evidence*

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